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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Boring Post From The Road....

Once again your good buddy Chuck is out of town and writing from a lovely hotel room in Mobile, Alabama. It’s been a very long day! I left home around 10:00 this morning and all was well till about 35 miles outside of Mobile when the rain started. It wasn’t your usual rain storm, it was hellacious. It was one of those down pours that even the high setting on the windshield wipers wouldn’t handle. The rain hitting the hot interstate created a hella amount of steam. It was like driving in a snow storm white out. Luckily I made it here safely....obviously. Thanks for being all worried for me and shit. So, y’all remember the last time I was down here and I made friends at a nearby restaurant? Well the same thing happened tonight, only it was a different restaurant in a entirely different part of the city. Last night I went to the local Ruby Tuesday and sat my ass down at the bar, as I often do, and within a few minutes I was chatting up several people sitting around me including the female bartender. After about thirty minutes a guy came and sat down next to me and in no time he and I quickly became buddies. As the beer and shots flowed we talked more and more about all kinds of crap. I learned that he is a architect who works on historical building renovations and he learned that I’m a big American Idol fan. After our third Soco and Lime shot I crossed that proverbial line and told him all about my blog. I even wrote down the address for him and was sure to mention the HNT links on the sidebar. As I write this now, sober, I’m wondering if that was such a good idea...Anyway....Ed my friend from Mobile....if you’re reading this, I had a great time talking with you last night. Next time I’m in town we’ll have to do it again! Today I have to work with a customer, but I’m hoping to be able to knock off a bit early because I intend to tour the USS Alabama and take some pictures. I also plan on going downtown and taking some pics of some of the beautiful old buildings. If I do I’ll be sure to post them here on my blog. Aren’t you all kinds of excited? Stay tuned boys and’s sure to be a edge of your seat blogging experience! Till then, here’s a picture of the room I’m staying in at this very moment. Pretty exciting, right? Y’all have a great Wednesday. I plan on hitting the town pretty late tonight, so I probably won’t be posting again till Friday. Then again, maybe I'll do an audio post at some point on the drive home on Thursday....we'll see....Later!

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