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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


The One Where Chuck Gives A Facial....

I mentioned in my post yesterday about the accidental facial I gave my wife the other day. I think the exact words I used were, “busted three days worth of pent up man juice all over wives face (accident of course, really)” Well I got some comments about it and even a few e-mails. Nosouthernbelle even referenced my blow job post from a while back. I think there may have been a few of you who actually thought I did that on purpose. Au contraire! Allow me to give you a little more detail concerning the event... It had been since Thursday that I had enjoyed the marital privileges with my wife. By the time she and the kids got home Sunday we were both pretty horny. Somehow we managed to make it till the evening before we locked ourselves away to bump some uglies. I was rock hard and leaking by the time I positioned myself between her legs, pulled those legs over my shoulders and began slamming that wet love tunnel. My lord how wonderful it felt, for both of us. We went at it for a good fifteen minutes, hitting it hard and only pausing once for a moment so I wouldn’t finish too quickly. Once Susan had got her O on I knew it was my time and I pulled out and got ready. Before I continue I think I should explain something. We don’t use birth control very often. I know we’re asking for a possible pregnancy, but if it’s going to happen we’re ready for it. We’ve talked about having a child of our own, and will probably take that step sometime in the next year. So if it happens anytime soon we’ll be okay with it. So with that said, let me explain how we usually finish up. 90% of the time I pull out and jack off onto her body. Sometimes she will do the jacking, especially when we’re in the “me on top” position. This is what happened Sunday night. So I pull out and lean in and she takes hold of my wet and throbbing little friend. After the third stoke I begin to come. As I was coming I began to feel something building up inside me. It was actually like I was having a second orgasm. I was actually having a second one, something that’s only ever happened to me once before. But this second nut bust was totally different from all the others. When it finally hit me, it hit me like a bolt of lightning! I shot four good bursts and all four of them hit her square in the face. Keep in mind now, I'm on my knees down between her legs. She's 5'10" so that's a good three feet away. First one on her forehead, second her left cheek, third her nostrils and the fourth in her left eye. She stopped jacking it after the first volley, but I begged her to continue...and she did. What a good woman. It was the most beautiful thing ever and I was hella proud of my performance, but just let me say how NOT impressed she was. She freaked out, yelled and immediately demanded a towel. I grabbed my t-shirt off the floor and helped her use it to clean up. Trust me, we both laughed about it later. So yeah, it was an accident. Impressive, but an accident none the less. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I'll be gone all day today to Mississippi so I won't be able to see your comments till tonight. Please don't bash me too much!! You don't want me to cry do ya? ;)

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