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Thursday, February 23, 2006


The Nanny, The Conclusion

And now for the conclusion. If you missed the other installments you can get part one here and part two here. In this episode Dave and Ann finally get the release they've been looking for. I know this is all pretty cheesy and dumb, but it's my first attempt at writing fiction (especially erotic fiction) and as weak a read as it might be, I still kinda like it. The Nanny Taking my hands from her ass I reached around in front of her and unbuttoned three buttons of the shirt. Once I had access I reached in and cupped her tits, pulling them free from the shirt and kissing the nipples. She moaned and leaned back, giving me better access, and I began to suck and nibble on them. Her nipples were already hard, but they stiffened more with the attention I was giving them. “That feels so good Dave, bite them.” She said and I did, gently at first, then harder. I took one at a time between my teeth, alternating between biting and sucking. The entire time she continued to dry hump my lap and I began to worry that I would shoot my load in my underwear. She must have sensed my concern, because after a moment she stopped her movement and kept her eyes locked on mine as she got up from my lap settling on her knees between my legs. She put both her hands in my lap and ran her fingers along the shaft of my cock, through the material of my shorts. After a moment she moved her fingers up to the button at the waist band and unhooked it and lowered my zipper. With one hand she reached in and for the first time in two years I had another woman holding my cock in her bare hand. “You have a beautiful cock Dave. I assumed it was big, but didn’t expect this.” She said as she stroked my shaft. Not knowing exactly what to say in response I muttered a simple thank you. She giggled at that and then leaned forward and placed the head into her mouth. I leaned back in my chair determined to enjoy every minute of this blow job. It had been so long, and Ann seemed an expert. She cupped my balls in one hand and jacked my cock with the other. All while she ran her tongue around the head. Then she would take her tongue and run it from my balls all the way up my shaft and back again. “Feel good?” She asked. “Oh yeah, it feels damn good.” “How about this?” She had me spread my legs as wide as they could go, then lifted my cock and balls up against my stomach and plunged her tongue as far as she could towards my ass. Suddenly I was glad I had showered earlier after my workout. She licked from my asshole up to my balls then took them into her mouth, sucking, one by one. What a feeling! She again turned her attention to my cock, sucking with reckless abandon and using both hands to jack my shaft. Within minutes I felt myself getting closer and closer to the point of no return. “God that is incredible.” I said. “Baby I am getting close to coming.” She paused for a moment and said, “I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste you.” That was all I needed to hear. I leaned back, closing my eyes and she grabbed my balls in one hand, kept jacking with the other and sucked hard on the top three inches of my dick. My breathing got faster as I got closer and soon my whole body stiffened and I let loose my first volley. With that first blast of hot cum her eyes opened wide, but she kept on taking it. I had wave after wave of pleasure and assumed I must be shooting quite a load. After my orgasm was done she continued to suck till I could take it no more and began to squirm in the chair. “How was it?” She asked. “That was the best. My God, you are good.” I panted. She smiled, licked her lips and said, “Yep, I have heard that before.” I stood up, pulling her to her feet and said, “Now, it’s your turn.” I went ahead and released the last two buttons on my dress shirt she was wearing, and helped her out of it. It dropped to the floor and she stood there in all her naked beauty. She was perfect. Obviously her tits were awesome, but the rest of her was tops as well. Being no stranger to the gym her body was tight all over, and she had just enough bubble to her perfectly round ass. I bent down and began kissing her again, working my way from her mouth, down her neck onto her tits. Placing both hands under her arms I lifted her from where she stood, back onto the edge of the desk. I reached behind her and moved a book and some papers and said, “Lean back and enjoy.” She did as I commanded and I went back to kissing. I kissed, sucked and nibbled my way from her breasts to her stomach. Using my hands I lifted her legs up till they were bent at the knee, her feet resting on the desk’s edge. Her pussy was wet, her lips slightly opened, and it was completely shaved except for a tuft of red hair at the top. As I continued to kiss my way closer I inserted one finger into her and she gasped then moaned. This girl was tight. I know it had been a while, and my wife’s pussy was the only one I had ever touched, but I did not remember it ever being this tight. As I fingered her I found her clit with my lips and began to suck. I sucked on her clit then alternated doing that with just running my tongue in circles around it. She continued to moan and I assumed I was doing something right. I removed my finger and inserted my tongue instead. She tasted incredible. Eating pussy had always been one of my favorite things and I was enjoying it again now. I hungrily lapped at her pussy then slipped a finger in her again. Using my pointer finger, and making a “come here” motion, I soon located her g-spot and stroked it firmly. As I did I went back to sucking on her clit. Within moments her breathing intensified and she began to moan louder than before. “Oh my God Dave, I am gonna cum!” She yelled and then the screaming really began. She was certainly more vocal than my wife had ever been. At first I thought it was an act, but then I noticed the splotchy redness that had spread across her tits and I knew it was for real. “Oh yeah baby, suck my clit harder. That’s right. Suck it and fuck my pussy with your finger!” She demanded. I did as she requested and then it hit. She came with a vengeance. I felt her pussy constrict around my finger and she screamed, “Yeah, yeah”, over and over. “Don’t stop! Keep going. Oh yeah….GOD!” Her orgasm seemed to last forever, her moaning and yelling continued. She was enjoying the pleasure and I was very happy to provide it for her. After a few more minutes she finally began to come back down to earth. “Dave, that was fucking awesome! Sorry to cuss like that, but MAN! You have a way with your tongue, that’s for sure!” “I enjoyed it too. You taste great and are so tight.” I looked down at my hardening cock and said, “You think you can take this?” “You’re bigger than anyone I’ve ever had, but I sure as hell want to try.” She said, reaching for it. “Somehow I think it will work.” I replied. “I want to fuck you in the worst way. I’ve wanted to since the night I met you.” “I want to fuck you too Dave, should we go to your room?” She asked. “Nah, turn around and bend over the desk. I want it right here.” I pulled my t-shirt over my head and let it join the other clothes on the floor at our feet. “Mmmm, have I been a bad employee? Does the boss man need to punish me?” She said with a giggle. I laughed, “Just get your ass in the air and get ready for this.” I gripped my hard cock with one hand and turned her around with the other. She bent at the waist over my desk and pressed her tits onto the glossy finish of the mahogany. I stuck two fingers in my mouth to wet them and then rubbed them down the crack of her ass and into her pussy. She was still wet and I could tell that she could indeed take more than one finger. “Mmmm” she moaned. Still holding my cock I guided it between her ass cheeks down to the folds of her sweet pussy. I nudged the head in gently and then slipped another inch and another after that. I stopped when I was half way in. “Feel okay?” I asked. “Yeah, oh yeah it feels damn good. You all the way in?” “Nope, another four inches or so and I will be.” “God, you are so fucking thick!” she said, then proceeded to back herself up onto the rest of my cock. “That’s it baby, now fuck me!” I gripped her waist with both hands and began to slide in and out of her. Slowly at first, but I picked up steam. Her moaning was all the encouragement I needed. Soon I was fucking her hard, my balls slapping at her clit and she was really getting into it. With each thrust in she would be lifted slightly off her feet, and then back again on the out stroke. I reached over and under her and took me a handful of tit. I pinched at her nipple as I did and she loved it. “Yeah pinch my nipples while you fuck me.” She said. “Oh baby, fuck me with that big cock. Oh God, you are fucking me so GOOD! Oh, oh….” Her dirty talk and her moans and sharp screams were enough to get me close so I slowed down a little, not wanting to cum too soon. It had been a while after all. Instead of pounding her I stood still and worked my cock side to side inside of her. She seemed to like that too. Soon she put her hand beneath her and began to play with her clit. I could feel her fingers touching my balls as she played with it and I liked how it felt. After a couple of minutes she said, “Do it hard again lover. I am so close.” I accepted her offer and got back to pounding it hard. I fucked her harder and harder with each thrust and once again the noise started again. “Oh, yeah! Harder! Harder! I’m…gonna….CUM!!!” I took ten or twelve more thrusts then pulled out and shot another big load all over her beautiful back and up to her shoulders. As we both came down from our second orgasms I leaned over her and she turned her head to meet me for a kiss. “That was incredible. Just want I needed.” I said. “I thought you would be a good lay from the night we met, but I never imagined this.” She replied. I picked up my t-shirt from the floor and used it to wipe my cum from her back and shoulders. She stood up and folded herself into my arms. We kissed. “So, where does this leave us? How does this effect things here around the house?” I asked. “Well, as far as I’m concerned the heath insurance you provide isn’t the only benefit to the job.” She said, and we both laughed and started kissing again.

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