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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


The Nanny, Part 1

I wrote this story of erotic fiction about eight months ago for Julie to post on the sex blog she used to have. There may be a few of you who've read it before, but it should be new to the majority of you all. I'm going to post it in three parts, so you'll get to read it all this week. I hope you enjoy my first attempt at writing fiction. I know it's not great, but I had fun with it. The Nanny Things have been tough in the years since my wife died. She was my best friend and soul mate. She is the only woman I have ever loved or had sex with. We had been a couple since high school and planned to be together forever. Forever ended on a rainy April morning when she wrecked on her way to work two years ago. She was killed instantly when the car she was driving plunged over an embankment and into a lake below. In one moment I became a widower and single parent. In the time that has passed since, I have learned to deal with my grief and pain, but have struggled with finding care for my two children. My work is such that I get to spend a lot of time working from my home office, but I also have the occasional business trip out of town. Up till recently I relied on the help of my sister-in-law with watching the kids, but that can’t happen any more. Her husband, my brother, has been promoted and they are being transferred out of state. My only hope has been to turn to the Yellow Pages and find myself a full time nanny. Soon I had interviews set up with three different agencies. I scheduled the meetings over the course of two days here at my home. I was encouraged by the quality of women who came seeking employment. There were some highly qualified applicants with very good references. By the middle of the second day I had narrowed the choices down to two that I felt I could welcome into my home and trust with the care of my children. Both were very motherly as well as nearing retirement age. Of course they weren’t much in the beauty department, but it wasn’t their looks I was concerned about. That is until I met Ann. Ann was my last scheduled interview. I almost called and cancelled since I felt I had already found two good choices. In retrospect I certainly am glad I didn’t. Ann couldn’t meet with me till the evening, due to a class she was taking, so I busied myself with getting dinner for the boys then later preparing for their bedtimes. I was upstairs overseeing the teeth brushing detail when I heard the doorbell. I wasn’t expecting the next interview for another half hour, so I immediately thought it must be a neighbor or sales person. I left the kids in the bathroom and jogged downstairs to the front door. I was not prepared for what I found when the door was opened. Standing at my front door was a vision of loveliness. I immediately assumed it was some college student selling magazines or something. My first thought was, I am buying whatever she is selling. I was so stunned I couldn’t speak. Thank God she spoke first and knocked me out of my trance, because I am sure my starring was bordering on being a bit creepy. “Hello you must be Mr. Martin?” “Uh yes, yes I am. Hi.” “I am Ann from the nanny agency. Sorry I’m a little early.” She said, taking her gaze from my eyes down to my midsection. Suddenly it occurred to me that I was standing there at my front door in nothing but a t-shirt and boxer shorts. I looked down and my face flushed with embarrassment. “Oh yeah, I wasn’t expecting you for another half hour. Uh, I was just getting the boys ready for bed. I did plan on wearing pants for the interview.” I said with a nervous laugh. “Why don’t you let me help your sons and you can go get dressed.” She replied while smiling then added, “Of course you could just stay dressed the way you are. I do like a man with nice legs!” She winked at me and looked down again and I realized that not only was I standing there in my underwear, but I was beginning to get an erection as well. This is not good, I thought. This woman is going to think I am definitely a pervert. I put my hand over my crotch, trying to hide my hardening cock, and stepped aside so she could come into the foyer. “Sure, they are in the hall bathroom upstairs. Take a left and it is the first door on the right.” I said pointing up the winding staircase as I closed the front door. “You have a beautiful home Mr. Martin. What are your son’s names?” “John is the older one and Mark is the blonde, and you can call me Dave.” “Well Dave, let me go help the boys and then you and I can get down to business.” She said then began ascending the stairs. I stood there for a second watching her ass sway in her mini skirt and my cock grew even harder. Ann has a beautiful body. At first glance I estimated she was about 5’5” with curves in all the right places. She was wearing a denim mini skirt and low cut top. Her enormous tits were straining against the fabric. Her red hair was shoulder length and framed her beautiful face perfectly. I was amazed that she was working as a nanny. Surely someone this hot could make a ton of money as a stripper. As I walked back to the master suite to get dressed I could hear her talking with the boys. She must have said something funny because they were giggling uncontrollably. Good sign, I thought. I had planned on showering and wearing something nice, but since she was already here I settled for a short sleeve Polo shirt and jeans. As I dressed I thought how awesome it would be to have a chance with a girl like Ann. Surely she would never think of me as anything more than a guy who was closer to middle age than the college years. As I finished dressing I paused a minute to check my appearance in the dresser mirror. Well, I thought, I wasn’t all that bad. For a guy in his mid thirties I had kept myself up fairly well. My frequent workouts had my body in good shape, and I did indeed have nicely built legs as she had pointed out. I ran the brush through my hair and left to join her upstairs with the boys. By the time I got there she had them brushed and in the room they shared reading them their favorite book. They looked up when I entered and said in unison, “Hey Dad.” “We got our teeth brushed.” John said. “I like Ann.” Mark said with a yawn. “Me too!” John added. I smiled and looked down at Ann sitting Indian style on the floor in front of the bunk beds with the book in her hands. I walked around to kiss John on the top bunk then bent down to give Mark one as well. When I did I couldn’t help but notice the partial view up Ann’s short skirt. I wasn’t exactly sure, and it was only a very brief glance, but I could swear she wasn’t wearing any panties. Suddenly I felt myself getting stiff once again. My God, I thought, this isn’t some random booty call. I had to remind myself that this was a business meeting, but another part of me had a mind of its own. “Dave I have things in hand here. If you want I can meet you down stairs in a few minutes.” “Yeah Dad, we want Ann to finish the story!” Mark said. “She sure is pretty.” John added. I noticed Ann blushing and I smiled and said, “Okay guys. Sleep tight!” To Ann I added, “I will be down stairs in the living room when you are done.” She smiled then nodded and went back to reading to my sons. I left their room and headed downstairs, the whole time thinking about how incredibly beautiful this woman was. If I were to hire her how would I ever think of her as a nanny? I was comforted with the fact that, so far, she seemed to be pretty good at the job. Maybe there wasn’t anything wrong with having a nanny that was smoking hot. At least the boys seemed to be taken by her. I know I sure as hell was. I sat down in my recliner to wait for her to join me. Five minutes later I heard her heals on the stairs. She entered the living room and I stood to greet her. “Ann, could I offer you something to drink? I have bottled water, diet Coke or lemonade.” Then I added, “I also have wine and a few bottles of Miller Lite.” I immediately regretted offering her alcohol. What kind of jerk would she think I am? “Mmmm, a beer sounds great, if you don’t mind. I am off duty now, after all.” She said with a grin.” “Sounds good. I think I’ll have one too.” I left her sitting, once again crossed legged, on the couch and walked towards the kitchen. The whole time I was thinking about how incredible it is to have this sexy woman in my home. And to think, she could be living here 24/7! The thought sent my head spinning. I reached into the cabinet and took out two beer glasses. I took a moment and stared out the window over the sink, into the darkness of my back deck and pool, and continued to think about the interview with this lovely girl. I went over the facts in my head. Number one, she seemed to mesh well with the kids. She took control of the situation and got the boys to bed without the slightest complaint from them. Number two; she was probably the best looking woman I had seen in a long time. I did not have delusions that I would be able to seduce her and have her in my bed. After all, things like that only happen in porn. But I could spend day after day enjoying her company and ever so often glancing at her hot trim body. Oh yeah, her hot trim body and those huge firm tits. I could have some fun with those tits. “Dave, you need some help with those beers?” Her words shocked me back into reality. It startled me so that I almost dropped the glasses I was holding. I turned from the window and said, “Oh, sorry Ann. I thought I saw something in the back yard.” Way to lie man, “And I was just trying to see if anything was out there. Would you like a glass or is the bottle okay?” How lame did that sound? “The bottle would be fine. Are they in the fridge?” She walked in the direction of the refrigerator and I said, “Yeah, they should be on the bottom shelf.” I watched as she opened the door and bent over to take two bottles from deep within my over sized fridge. Her short skirt rode up her thighs as she was bent over, and I could almost see the bottom of her ass cheeks. Just another half inch, I thought, and it would be in perfect view. Almost as if she was reading my mind she bent over even more and there it was. As she rummaged around in the bottom of my stainless steel Whirlpool refrigerator her skirt inched its way a little higher and there, in all it’s glory, was the lower part of her ass (definitely with out panties) and as she slightly spread her legs I could see the shaven lips of her pussy. I stood there, mouth ajar, and couldn’t help but stare. Here I was, a man who had lived the life of a monk for the past two years, looking at heaven not four paces away from me. As she reached for the six pack I was rewarded with one last view of her lower lips and ass, and she stood up with beer in hand. “Here they are.” She said while setting the pack on the counter. She removed a bottle, twisted off the cap and then took a drink. I watched as she drank; her throat moving as she swallowed, her hand wrapped around the bottle, her eyes closed. It was practically erotic in the way she consumed the beer. She removed the bottle from her lips with an audible “pop” and let out a long sigh. I immediately thought about the bottle being my cock in her mouth and I was suddenly aware of my hard dick straining against the material of my jeans. “God, I needed that. It’s been one of those days.” She said. “Well, I am glad I could provide you some relief.” I said while trying to shift my hardened member from obvious view. I noticed her watching and immediately changed the subject by saying, “I guess we should go take a seat and talk a little about the job.” “Yes, let’s do that.” She replied. We took our beers and walked back into the living room. Me two steps behind her, watching her ass the whole time. I waited till she was seated on the couch and then I took a seat across from her in my recliner. After a second she shifted her legs and sat Indian style once again. The lighting in the room was perfect and I could not help but take several long glances at her bared pussy. I set the cold beer bottle down between my legs, in hopes it would take some of the swelling away, and prepared to speak. Before I could she spoke up and said, “So tell me what it is exactly that you’re looking for in a nanny.” To be continued…

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