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Thursday, December 08, 2005


I'm Back....

Well folks, we’re back. I just want to thank my dearest friend Julie for exposing, in the last post, the true reason I journeyed to Canada. I’d wrestled with exposing the subject for months now. I had wanted to come clean with you guys here on my blog, but it took Julie’s post to give me the courage. I am now returned from The Canadian Institute of Body Hair Transplants (CIBHT) where I’ve under gone quite a few transplant procedures. I must say I was able to deal with the frigid weather in Calgary much better after the transplants than before. I submit here for you my first post transplant picture. I think I look much better now, don’t you? Seriously though, I want to thank The QoP for the fascinating tale she wove here back on Monday. I literally Laughed Out Loud when I first read it! Also, Dick today provided us with yet another stunning drive-by picture. Thanks ever so much! Susan and I had a wonderful trip. We saw some awesome sights, took lots of pics (even some outside of the hotel room bed!), ate some good food, drank some even better beer and wine and nearly froze our asses off. Banff, Alberta, Canada is a very beautiful place. It was definitely worth the trip. I have decided that Albertan beef is the best in the world and Kokanee Beer is the best beer ever!! My lord, it’s like drinking pure glacier water that will knock you on your butt. In the course of the four days I probably consumed at least two kegs worth. I hear it is not exported, so I’m going to have to find me someone in Alberta who will ship me a case every once in a while. Anyway, I’m glad to be home and back to normal. I’ll post more about the trip and maybe even some pictures soon.

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