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Monday, November 21, 2005


Gate Construction with Snagley and an Auburn Porn Pic.....

Well I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Things were, as usual, pretty slow around here. Friday morning Bo Snagley came over to help me build a gate for my deck. If any of you read his blog then you know he’s quite the handy carpenter. He had the gate designed, built and hung in no more than thirty minutes. Unfortunately I neglected to take any pictures of us while we were together. We had even talked about it at one point, but I think we both forgot. Anyway, we had a nice time catching up, constructing and then eating lunch. Hey Snag...remember the fraternity brother of our’s we were talking about Friday? Well, I saw him Saturday at Wal-Mart. I’ll fill you in when we talk later. My daughter had a friend over to spend the night Friday night, and somehow she ended up staying till Sunday afternoon. Weird how that happens. Saturday Susan had a radio remote to work and my son and I met her there for some free Chick Fil-A biscuits and then he and I went to Wal-Mart to shop for all the crap we’ll (meaning I) need to cook for the Thanksgiving dinner. Susan’s sister Julie and her son are coming to spend the holiday with us, and I’m looking forward to it. Y’all may remember when I blogged about the last (and only) time she came here, back in the summer. It was right before she left her husband. Well now she’s left him and living back at home with their Mom. Julie is looking mighty hot these days. Seeing as she’s single and all I’m sure she’s a tad bit on the horny side. I wonder if Susan would entertain a little “two sisters with one guy” action? I might have to bring it up....I just hope Susan will consider me for the role of the “one guy” participant! The weekend of college football was pretty uneventful in my book. I’m so over Tennessee this season it ain’t even funny. I think I’ll have to once again jump on the Auburn bandwagon like I was back in my college days. The annual Iron Bowl here in Alabama was a very one sided game. It hardly seemed that The Alabama Crimson Tide even showed up for the game. Auburn won quite easily. I thought I would include a picture here of what happens in this great state after the Iron Bowl. Unfortunately the picture is definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK so I’ll have to offer it to you here as a link. In this picture you can see a couple of losing Bama fans settling their bets with some Auburn guys. Can you see now why I’d like to get back on the Auburn bandwagon? Well, today will be my only day of work this week so I’ve got a lot to get done. Next week, after the holiday weekend, I head to Chicago for four days, then Susan and I are going on vacation to Canada the week after that. I’ve some busy days ahead of me. This week will be full of Thanksgiving prep, but I’ll still find some time to blog before Thursday. So I suppose I’ll be talking to you all again on Tuesday. Have a great Monday!

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