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Monday, June 20, 2005


Weekend With The In-Laws...

Good morning! I suppose I should write a little something about what all occurred this weekend with my sister-in-law and her husband. As you read in Friday’s post she is planning on leaving him, although he doesn’t know it yet. I expected things to be a bit tense. I assumed she would be distant with him. I thought you would be able to smell ruin in every action, but it was not to be. They acted like a couple who was very much in love. They arrived before Susan got home from work. The three of us sat in the living room and caught up a little. I was surprised how happy they seemed. How he would sit with his arm around her and she would snuggle into his shoulder. After a few minutes he went out to the truck to get something and as soon as the front door closed behind him she turned to me and confirmed that their marriage was over. She said she just couldn’t handle it anymore. He was so mean to her five year old son that the boy couldn’t stand being around him. His two boys treated her son badly as well. She said that all he wanted was sex and would have it morning, noon and night if he could. She hated the way he made her watch porn DVD’s every night and act out the action on the screen. She said he was verbally abusive with her and the children. She pretty much said she had made a big mistake and wanted out. As soon as he walked back in her attitude changed and she was Ms. Lovey Dovey once more. That evening we cooked out hamburgers and had a nice dinner. Later that evening the four of us sat out on the deck and drank and talked. I had mentioned in the earlier post that I had only met this guy twice before. The first time was pretty brief and the second was last Thanksgiving. I am in no way a prude, don’t get me wrong, but I was slightly shocked (as was Susan) when he sat there and constantly farted and burped as we would talk. Julie would be like, Rob…how gross, but it didn’t seem to faze him. I guess he had trouble handling the baked beans from supper. Of course later, after quite a few beverages, I took a piss in the yard and Susan was equally shocked, but it was dark out after all. Later that night I had a wonderful two hour phone conversation, until the wee hours of the morning, while standing in the kitchen. The kitchen is directly under T’s bedroom, where we had them sleeping, and for a while I was sure I heard the bed squeaking from above. Saturday was pretty laid back. We watched TV for a little while until Susan went to take a nap. Julie and Rob decided to go to Bed Bath and Beyond to look for some everyday dishes for their home. When he saw our Noritake Colorwave dishes he decided they needed something new as well. Julie turned to me and rolled her eyes as if to say, “We don’t need to get new dishes since we won’t be a family much longer.” Never the less I gave them directions to the nearest BB&B then settled in at the computer to watch the Gush 3 DVD they had brought with them. Once my interest in the mysterious female ejaculation was met, Susan woke up from her nap and we watched a little of a movie on HBO until Julie and Rob returned. Once they were back the four of us decided to go out for some margarita’s and maybe some dinner. At four thirty, freshly showered and dressed, we all headed to Superior Grill for some of their famous frozen concoctions. While we were there we ate our fill of chips and chile con queso, so we decided to skip dinner and do a little sight seeing instead. We took them around the city but avoided downtown since the annual City Stages festival was going on. We didn’t want to get bogged down in that traffic. Instead we took them to the Vulcan and rode the elevator up to the top and looked out on the city and surrounding mountains. It was Susan’s first visit to the top and she marveled at the view, as did we all. Down below us, on the grounds of the monument there was a wedding taking place. We watched from ten stories up while the happy couple recited their vows. Under my breath I yelled, “Don’t do it!” and “Run while you can.” Everyone got a laugh out of that, seeing as I am so damned hilarious. After our site seeing excursion we all headed back to the house and again sat out on the deck drinking and listening to Rob fart. He and I did shots of Jagermeister and Goldschlager and ended up having a grand old time. I must take a moment here and say that I really do like this guy. Of course I am not married to him and don’t have to screw him twenty times a day, but I had fun with him. It’s too bad he is such a sucky husband because he makes a damn good brother-in-law. Sunday morning they left for home and Susan and I went and picked up the kids for Father’s Day. Overall the visit went rather well. It was a lot of fun, but also sad in a way. It was a little depressing to be a silent witnesses to a marriage that is soon to end. I can’t help but wonder how he will react in the weeks to come when he discovers that he is going to be slapped across the face with a surprise divorce. I also wonder if she will really go through with it, or if she does leave, will she let him again talk her into coming back. I doubt I will loose any sleep waiting to find out. Oh there was one pretty funny thing that happened. I was talking with T on the phone Saturday and she asked where Julie and Rob had slept. When I told her they were sleeping in her bed she acted all mad and said, “Well did they make it?” It took me a second to realize she was talking about the bed and not sex. She is only eleven of course….oh, and I did wash the sheets after they left….

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