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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


The Photos Are Here.....

Well the first round of "Chuck's Blog On Your Computer" pics are in. Thanks to those of you who sent me your picture. There is still room for others to join in, so feel free. The link to my all new photo gallery is here....The Chuckster's Pic's....go check them out. Click on each one and you can read my comment and/or leave one of your own! By the way, I want to thank Extra Strength Surfing Fingers for helping me in so many ways lately. I had mentioned to her that I wanted to purchase my own domain and she walked me through the steps of buying the new site, The Chuckster, helped me set up with a hosting company, and showed me how to create the photo gallery. Eventually I plan on moving the whole blog over there. I also want to give her a big early birthday shout out (April 8)! I believe she will finally be legal on Friday! LOL

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