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Thursday, February 10, 2005


Valentines and Booty Slapping....

Thanks to my blogger buddy Elliott I have become aware of round three of the (not work safe) Wicked Weasel amateur contributions. I would so like to order one of those ensembles for my wife, but I am sure she would take one look at it and laugh uncontrollably, then kick my butt for spending the money.

Today I worked my ass off. Really, I wish I could post a picture so you could see how less of an ass I have. So nothing much to report there.

Oh may remember my post a few days ago where I mentioned that we were getting a dog. I supplied a link to a website that featured the breed of dog we are buying. I thought I would email the webmaster of the site and let her know how much I liked her dogs and that I had linked her. Well this morning I received a response from her asking that I remove the link. Now who wouldn't want to be associated with this wonderful blog? I am sure anyone of you would love for me to hyperlink you in one of my posts. Jeeze, some people...

My son L has a girlfriend. He and Amanda are both 4 years old and in the same class at preschool. He is always talking about "his gulfrind" Amanda and how he wants to hug and kiss her and invite her to come to his house to play. Tomorrow is the Valentines Day Party at his school and he wanted to get Amanda something special. I took him with me to CVS tonight to pick out some candy for her. He chose a chocolate "Kim Possible" heart in a red box. He is so excited about tomorrow. I have a great picture of he and her back during Halloween with their arms around each other. I would love to post it, but I doubt her parents would appreciate their daughter being broadcast across the world wide web. If any of you would like to see it send me an email and I will copy you on it. They are a precious couple!

Speaking of precious, can you imagine how difficult it is to choose a Valentine card for Susan? She is not much for the sappy shit, and most of the cards just don't really apply. They say all kind of stuff that really doesn't apply to our relationship. I thought I had found the perfect one. It had a cartoon picture of a man and woman in bed and you could slide a little lever and the man would scoot over closer to the woman. But it said something like, "I know you want to snuggle closer to me in bed", again...doesn't apply. Then there were others that said crap like, "Our love is so...yadda yadda" or "When you show me how much you love me...yadda yadda." Nope, not us....I finally found one that sort of fit, but still I am sure she will think it is goofy. But I do know she loves me, she just doesn't always show it like most women would do. Too bad I couldn't find one that said, "For once baby I wish you could suck my cock without gagging and acting like you were going to puke." Or maybe, "On Valentines Day I want you to ride me like a horse needing breaking, and not complain..." Now those would be fitting cards. Maybe I should contact Hallmark. Now ya'll don't get me wrong. We really do have a great relationship and love each other like crazy. I just like to bitch sometimes. I have the right to, right?

In other news I want you all to be thinking of me tomorrow around noon CST. I am meeting with the ex to discuss something major. If all goes well I may share it here. Never the less, please keep me in your thoughts anyway. I will be needing it.

I want all of you who read this to slap your significant other on the booty tomorrow at 9pm CST. Wherever you may be; in California, New York, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Colorado, Canada, Wales, etc. Give that booty a playful slap. You may be out to dinner, or at a movie, or sitting on the couch watching TV or, depending on the time zone, laying in bed. Wherever you are, or whatever you are doing be sure to give the S.O. a playful little spank. Ed, you might have to set an alarm for this since it will be like 4 am over there. If there isn't a S.O. handy then I expect you to slap yourself on the booty. Now I get like 300 to 400 hits here a day, so I expect a lot of booty slapping going on tomorrow night. The first three people who send me a picture of this activity will receive a gift from Chuck! I do have gift certificates to certain popular places.

Later ya'll....

Edit: 12:00 am. I just noticed I have had 12 visits to my blog in the past 6 hours using the key words "Pamela Rogers Turner". There are some sick freaks out there. By the way, if any of you sick freaks find anything interesting please send the link to . Okay, thats it....going to bed.

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