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Monday, February 07, 2005


Getting Bitched At, And Getting A Bitch.....

What a day, what a day. Started this morning off leaving the house at 7:30 for a meeting up in the city. For one who doesn't typically set appointments before 9:30am, it was rough. Traffic in and around this city is a bitch. It took me 58 minutes to drive 21 miles. The first half of the meeting I got my ass beat up by the owner of the company I was calling on, for things done by my predecessor six years ago. That was fun. The meeting turned out okay in the end and I believe I may be racking up some hefty business with them in the future, but jeeze what an ordeal. Susan stayed home from work today. Yesterday on her way home from Tennessee, when she stopped for gas, she tripped over the gas hose thing and fell onto her hands, straining her back. This morning she couldn't get out of bed. She couldn't stand up and she couldn't walk. She has hurt herself pretty bad. Poor thing, but it hasn't kept her from bitching at me all day. "I can't believe I leave here all weekend and you can't even dust the living room" "Did you even clean or dust your office?" "Has the vacuum been run at all this weekend?" "The kid's rooms are a mess!" Finally I said, "fuck it", slammed the door and left. She called me a little while later and apologized. Women! Tonight she has gotten a wild hair and decided she wants to get a puppy for Valentine's Day. She has been talking about getting a Cairn Terrier for months now. She had me call a couple ads in the paper tonight and I guess we will be going to look at some puppies tomorrow. Well, if she isn't pregnant I guess a puppy would be the next best thing. If any of you have any good name suggestions for a female, let me know. She is wanting to get one and surprise the kids this weekend.


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