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Friday, June 02, 2006


Collard Greens: Almost as good as Sex....

I’ve had a few requests via comments on my blog, Julie’s and through e-mail for my recipe for collard greens, so I thought I’d indulge y’all. First I have to say, Southerners love them some greens. Whether they are turnip, spinach, mustard or down home cooking is complete without greens, cornbread and some kind of meat dish. Collard greens have actually been around for thousands of years and are one of the oldest members of the cabbage family. The ancient Greeks ate them, as did the Romans. They gained their most recent (300 hundred years ago) popularity thanks to the African slaves who were brought/forced to the New World. When the greens are cooked down properly they produce, around the cooked leaves, a liquid. The slaves on the plantations would drink this liquid, along with eating the greens, and they called it “pot likker”.
Collard Greens Raw
Collard Greens Cooked with pot likker
My Recipe The way I cook my collard greens has been handed down in my family since before the War of Northern Aggression. According to family lore this recipe was dictated by the recently emancipated black cook (her name has been lost to time) to my Great-Great Grandmother in the kitchen of their home on Church Hill in Richmond, Virginia, just before the Yankees invaded. Well there you go...My collard green recipe. I’ve shared something very special with you folks, I hope you’ll appreciate it. If you choose to make some for yourself let me know about it. Even better, take a picture of the finished product and e-mail it to me. Y’all enjoy!

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