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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


“Do I Make You Proud?”

Yes Mr. Hicks you sure do! I've been behind you from the beginning! How about another American Idol from the great city of Birmingham, Alabama!! We here in da’Ham are hella proud of our boy Taylor. Damn, what a finale show....all the special singing guests...Prince even! At the moment of truth, when the winner was announced; me, my daughter, my dog Trooper, my son and Susan were holding hands/paws and standing in the middle of the living room awaiting the result. And then it was announced....we commenced screaming, celebrating and I actually shed a couple tears. Yeah, I did....and I’m man enough to confess it. You’ve got to admit, Taylor is awesome!! I’m fixing to go online and buy tickets to the American Idol tour for when it comes to Birmingham in August. I’ll be there with bells on. Okay, so I had to come out of semi retirement and post about this special evening. Folks, I’m not going to be gone for good. I’m just needing to take a little break. Y’all don’t give up on me, okay? Have a great Memorial Day weekend! I’m heading out of town Friday morning for an extra special four day weekend with some extra special friends. More details, and pics, later.... Alabama, the home of American Idols. Yeah, after Ruben, Bo and now Taylor I think they need to change to state motto....

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