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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Chris......So you had a bad day?

Well folks I’m on the third day of my travels. I’m sitting here in a lovely three room suite with a whirlpool tub big enough for three. I know this for a fact because a couple years ago I stayed here and happened to meet two young ladies from the hotel bar who happened to come up to my room to test out this theory. Of course it was done all in the spirit of experimentation. Nothing happened between me and the lovely, sexy and busty blonde chicks......right? Anyway, I know I said on Monday that I would be away for a while but the results from last nights American Idol show forced me from my hiatus. So Chris....did you have a bad day or what? Man that was a shocker, huh? Actually it wasn’t. If you follow the phone and text vote results on this website and this one, you can pretty much be sure who’s going to go home every week. They’ve been right all but like one or two weeks so far. They’ve even chosen the bottom two or three pretty accurately each week. I tell ya, my boy Taylor is kicking some AI bootay! Once Kat goes home next week it’ll be an easy finish for T-dog versus Elliot. He’ll be in town (Birmingham) this Friday making appearances at the Fox television station as well as the radio stations where my wife works. She’s already been invited to attend his live on air concert Friday morning at 6am, and I told her she better get me an autograph! One of Taylor’s best buds from high school and college is also a friend of Susan’s. So possibly she’ll have somewhat of an inside track. Although I doubt it. Maybe I could get a picture of him wearing this shirt. Isn’t that hella cool? Yeah that Pixie chick rocks! She designed it. Y’all start taking your orders now....I’m sure the price will be reasonable! Thanks Pixie!! Okay, I’m back to business. I’ve got one day of food shows down and two more to go. Then Susan and I are taking a relaxing four day romp on Florida’s beautiful sugar sand beaches. Don’t you wish you were here? Later.

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