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Friday, April 21, 2006


What I did on my Florida Easter Vacation

By: Chuck Second Grade Mrs. Harris’ class Well let’s see, where to begin? I know you’re all wanting to read the juicy sexy stuff, so I guess I’ll start with that. Here is a picture of two young chicks who were laying out next to Susan and I on the first day. Over the four or five hours I shared a space on the deck with them, we all got to know one another pretty well. Early in the afternoon Susan went up to the room to shower and nap and I, fueled with alcohol, decided to stay and continue to get to know them. Every time the drink girl would walk by I’d buy them pina coladas which would cause them to want to learn more and more about your boy Chuckie. They were both college Seniors from Georgia, at least that’s what they said, and I think they even might have been a little sweet on each other. Several times they’d take turns rubbing suntan oil on the other and it took all I could do to not offer to give them a hand. Especially when the one in black was rubbing the inner thigh of the blonde. I swear she got within a half inch of the honeypot. Yeah, I was sporting some major wood. Every ten minutes or so I’d remember that I was a dad, and that I was 37 years old, and that I had a wife up in the hotel room. That would help the swelling go down! They did invite me out for drinks and dancing that evening, but alas I had to decline. On the second day we actually started off down at the beach, then moved up to the pools later. Here is a view from the sand looking back up at the hotel and pool areas. We rented a couple of the chairs and umbrella (that's ours on the far left, chairs pulled out facing East) and after about an hour or so a couple with two kids took up space three umbrellas down from ours. The were definitely Eastern European, based on their foreign speaking, and the fact they had no issue with public nudity. At first it was kinda cute, nothing odd, especially when they stripped the little ones down and dressed them in bathing suits. It got weirder when the father stood up, didn’t even take a look around to see if anyone was looking, and stripped out of his Bermuda shorts, standing there naked from the waist down. He then paused for a second to flop his cock and balls around, maybe to air them out or something...then bent over, ass facing us of course and pulled on a red and yellow Speedo. It was freaking hilarious! It got better though when the wife took off her t-shirt and bra and put on a bikini top. She had some nice milk bags...from the size of 'em she must have still been breast feeding! I wish I’d been brave enough to pull out the camera and snap some pictures, but Susan wouldn’t let me. It’s a shame. I should have walked over and introduced myself. Mr. Speedo could have definitely used some advice on manscaping. Dude had more hair on his crotch than he did on his head. Our hotel room was what they call a Junior Suite. It was basically three rooms; a small area with bunk beds, a dressing area/bathroom, and a large room with king sized bed, couch, table and chairs. Then there was the balcony. We were on the fifteenth floor. Here’s a couple pictures looking out from our balcony. It was hard to find some time for Susan and I to be alone as man and wife, so to speak, without the kids being around. The kids were always keyed up and raring to go. They wouldn’t want to go to sleep till really late. Usually by then Susan and I would be too tired to kiss good night, much less knock one out. But we did find the time, on the last night, to get a little freaky. My son was asleep and my daughter T was busy reading on the bottom bunk. I told her that Susan and I were going to go out on the balcony and smoke and talk for a while. She looked up sleepily and said good night. The wife and I slipped out on the balcony, closed the sliding glass door and drapes and started making out. Within a minute we’d stripped out of boxers and panties and I had her hold on to the railing, leaning over, while I kissed her back and neck and fingered her from behind. At first she was a bit scared. Not just from the possibility of being seen, but also from being so far up from the ground. I put on my best salesman voice and assured her that everything would be okay, it would be exciting actually. I leaned her back over the railing (notice the rail in the picture above) and slipped inside her, but I didn’t pound too hard. It would have been such a tragedy if my hard doggie style thrusts were to force us to break the railing and fall fifteen floors to our death. That would have been an embarrassing crime doubt. All turned out well though and she admitted the orgasm was pretty intense. I’m guessing that was due to looking down from so far up, and the exhibitionism of it all. Surely it had nothing to do with lil’Chuck and my lovin’ skills!! A funny thing did happen while my daughter T and I were standing in the ocean. You may remember that she recently became a woman and got her first period. Well, we were standing there in the water and I was telling her about how, if she needed to pee, she should just walk out into the water about waist deep and let it go. It would be a lot easier than trekking all the way back up to the hotel restrooms. She stood there a minute contemplating the information then asked, “What if a little blood squirted out, since I got my period, and the blood attracts sharks?” I don’t have to tell you how hard that made me laugh! We both laughed about it for a good while. Later, once we were back in the water, I all seriousness, “You know there is a certain breed of shark that is attracted only to menstrual blood.” Luckily she’s still gullible enough to believe me. Don’t worry, I told her it was a joke. Well, that’s pretty much all I feel like going into detail about now. We had a wonderful time. Like I said last was the first time, since Susan and I have been married, that we’d taken an actual vacation with the kids. We may have spent a shit load of money, but it was worth it! I’m looking forward to the next time. Have a great weekend everyone!

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