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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Two Nights in a Hotel, and True or False....

Good Tuesday morning everyone! I’m writing this on Monday night around 11 pm. I’m sitting in a hotel room in Jackson, Mississippi. It’s a rather nice hotel room, by the way; a two room suite with a whirlpool tub. Not too shabby. Anyway, it’s been a busy past couple of days. I got in here around noonish on Sunday and have been working pretty much non stop ever since. But I have had my evenings free. The following are just a few things I may or may not have done over the past few days. Feel free to speculate on which are true and which may be false..... So, which do you think are true or false? Or are any of them actually false? You be the judge... I’ll be back to regular blogging tomorrow, and who knows...maybe I’ll even pull a HNT out of my ass for Thursday. It’s not a promise, just a don’t go being all pissed if it doesn’t work out!

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