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Friday, April 07, 2006


T. G. I. freaking F.

Thank God this week is winding down. I've just got in from a morning meeting in the capitol city. That would be the Alabama capitol and not the U.S. There is a hella big ass storm heading this way. They're talking hurricane force winds, tornados and hail the size of my nuts. It'll be a fun evening here....probably with no power and scared kids. But the sex by candle light should be entertaining. Of course that can be done with or without electricity. I get one day of rest then I head out again on Sunday for three days. I am soooo ready to spend some time at home again. I feel like I've been gone on another tour of duty in Iraq or something! Well, that's about it. I've got to get some more work done before the storm gets here. Maybe if I'm bored Sunday night in my hotel room I'll post some naked pics of me, or something. If you're lucky, that is! LOL Have a GREAT weekend!! Edit: 10:00pm, we haven't had a drop of rain yet. Folks up in Tennessee, and other places north of here, haven't been so lucky. Sandy, I hope y'all've stayed safe. And, yeah...funny testicle jokes in the comments....Guy and Snag, y'all are so funny...

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