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Thursday, April 20, 2006


The Perfect Woman...

What’s perfect about her you ask? Well....she won’t talk back (queefs don’t count), you can share her with three of your friends, when she’s on the rag you still have another end to have fun with (wait, that’s the case with a chick with a mouth too...), she won’t spend your hard earned money, when she lays around the house all day it’s totally acceptable, you don’t have to take her out anywhere unless you want to and she can't get a lousy haircut so you don’t have to worry about acting like you like it. Can you think of any other advantages? In other’s Kelly Pickler’s prom picture. I’m thinking she’s “not that innocent!” Yeah, I’d pick Pickler....for a one night stand. I’m thinking she’d be a pretty cheap more ways than one! I bet some North Carolina sixteen year old redneck punk had a fun time with her the night this picture was taken. Nice yard Kelly. It looks like your Grandpa needs to mow some of that there grass behind you. Yeah, y’all’ve probably already seen both these pictures but I hadn’t until yesterday. Seeing as I still haven’t downloaded my pictures for the vacation post I thought I’d make an attempt to entertain you with something else. Hopefully it worked. Easter Family Vacation Post tomorrow.....I promise...(fingers crossed)...Later! P.S. Hey offense, okay? ;) P.S.S. Glad to see Ace leave last night. Now that he's gone Paris, Elliot and Chris will follow. We'll be seeing Taylor and Katharine as the final two. Mark my words! Unfortunately my satellite went out twenty minutes into the show, damn thunder storms, but luckily I was able to do a Blogger search and find the results on Brigitte's blog. Thanks girl!

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