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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy....

Hello everyone! Sorry I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. We got back from vacation Monday evening and then I was slammed all day Tuesday with work. I never had more than ten minutes yesterday to myself. Missing Friday and Monday really put me behind, but I will post about the trip soon. Thanks for all the comments on my Easter post. I hope you all had a good holiday weekend. We sure did! I intend to post very soon (possibly tomorrow - but don’t hold me to it) about our family four day weekend on the Florida Gulf Coast. I’ve got pictures to share and tales to regale you with. Just give me a day or so and I’ll get right to it. As a teaser you can looking forward to discussions on the following subjects; random full frontal nakedness, boobs flashed in public, urinating in the ocean, painful sunburns, zombies eating human brains, pounds and pounds of crab legs and penile contortions. Meanwhile, did y’all watch American Idol last night? There were some pretty damn good performances. I of course thought The Soul Man, Taylor Hicks, did great....but what about Ms. Katharine McNiceAss? She was smokin’! She was definitely the best out of the six. So who do you think is going to be in the bottom three tonight? Who do you think will be going home? I say it’ll be Ace and Kelly in the bottom, then I’m mixed on the third. It’ll be either Paris or Elliot. I’m thinking Ace will be saying “bye-bye” tonight. It was also good to see Rod Stewart last night on A.I. and his big tittied girlfriend and their new baby. Do any of y’all remember the story about Rod from back in the early 80's where he had to have his stomach pumped from swallowing too much man juice? I was telling Susan about that last night, but can’t remember if it was real or just one of those urban legends. Whatever the case, the man has an awesome voice and he’s had some sexy wives/girlfriends! Alright kids, this is it for today. I have another busy day with work and I have to find some time today to go register my son for kindergarten. I can’t believe my baby will actually be going to “big boy school” in four months. Where has the time gone?

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