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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Homeward Bound....

Today I head back home after two nights out of town. I’ve got one night at home, then I leave again on Thursday for another night out. I’m home then Friday and Saturday and then I head out again on Sunday for three days. After that I get a half week with my family then a wonderful Easter weekend at the beach with them. Yeah, I’m looking forward to that. Hey, I want to thank y’all who commented yesterday about how awesome my wife is. You know what? She really is! I’m so fortunate to have found and married a woman like Susan. She does so much for her family and I’m the luckiest man in the world. I’m thinking today when I get home I’ll just have to show her how appreciative I am. I might even let her cum this time! No, seriously she always get’s off...I make sure of that. So, did y’all watch American Idol last night? I have to say that pretty much everyone’s performances sucked big disgustingly hairy balls (and you all know how I feel about nut sack hair maintence). Even my boy Taylor, although singing one of my favorite songs, left a lot to be desired. It’ll be interesting to see who goes home tonight. How do y’all predict will be outta there? I think Bucky needs to pack up his stuff and head back to Hicktown. Alright folks, this is about all I’ve got for you today. Go have a wonderful day and take full advantage of Hump Day! I sure do intend to hump my way to mutual happiness later today, and again tonight!!

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