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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Yet Another Update from the FAMED Weekend!

This is Southern Sweetheart again -- currently on the phone with Chuck as he's dictating this post to you people. Sheez, the things I do for him...... I'm such a good "secretary". Wonder what the pay will be this week? I want to thank my sexy secretary, Southern Sweetheart, for helping me out in my time of no internet connection. QoP, Shrek and I tried 3 times to post an audio post last night and all 3 said they completed and posted but they never showed up. They were all kinds of funny - sorry you missed them. I'm on my way home and will be reporting all the action over the next few days - complete with pictures. You have posts to come with details of wild crazy strippers, nude dancing around the fire mixed with intervenous drug use, along with a "book" of funny shit we were saying all day everyday - stupid stuff - like hey, let me stick that in there - so we got around a picnic table and wrote it all down - duh - thus the "book." I'm sure we'll share it all in the near future. I'm on my way home from Mississippi - haven't showered in 2 days and my balls stink from slapping my ass so much! I feel like I need to stop and go to the bathroom, I'm hungry & want to stop and eat but I spent all my money paying the nudies. It will be probably Thursday morning before I can share all the shit that happened. Julie may get to it before I do. Until then, ya'll have a good one. Whew! Glad that was over - this dictating shit is for the birds! This is SS again signing off...... (gosh that sounds like I should be on the SS Minnow!)

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