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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


My T-shirt....

Y'all remember all the hoopla over the cartoon drawings of Muhammad over the past month or so? Well I, like most normal Americans, feel like they were stupid reations by a bunch of idiots. I was so moved in fact I went to T-shirt Hell and ordered this t-shirt. That is actually me wearing the shirt, in case you were wondering. I still can't believe those crazy muslims reacted the way they did. Anyway, I thought y'all might get a kick out of the shirt. I've worn it around town a couple three times now. I've only gotten positive responses from people, except my wife. Yeah, she was a bit embarassed Saturday when a lady at Publix stopped us so she could read both sides. Oh well... Hey now!! Only three more days till I'm partying with Julie and her old man! I'm extremely excited! Can you tell? We're going to be meeting in Jackson, Mississippi (which happens to be exactly half way). My wife isn't going to be able to I guess it'll just be the three of us, "laughing and drinking and having a party." (Nude Chuck pic to whoever can first guess the name of the song that the above quoted phrase comes from!) We'll be partying in our hotel rooms and at bars all over the city. Can you say...."possible threesome?" ;)

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