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Friday, March 17, 2006


More About The Trip (Day 1 & 2)

I thought I’d take today and write a little about the wonderful three days I had with Julie and Paul, and share a few more pictures while I’m at it. We met Saturday night at a Hampton Inn in Jackson, Ms. I actually arrived a few hours before they did, so I had to wait anxiously for their arrival and the first meeting. I was okay till Julie called and told me they were about thirty minutes from getting there. The nerves started up then. Luckily I had already had a couple cocktails (I always bring my mini bar with me whenever I travel) so the nerves weren’t too intense. Soon I received another call and it was Julie saying they were turning into the hotel parking lot. I knew that was my cue to come on out, greet them and then help them carry their shit up to the room next to mine on the fourth floor. Down the elevator I went, out into the corridor and over to the side door. Then I froze; I couldn’t bring myself to open that door and walk out to find their car. I stood there for a minute, hand on the door slowing my breathing and thinking. I couldn’t believe that finally after more than a year I was going to be coming face to face with those two. This was a momentous occasion. I’m sure you can gather, from what you’ve read in the past, that we have a special bond; an unusually formed friendship that in most cases wouldn’t have developed as it did. Everyday people “meet” through blogs or in other ways on the Internet, and I’d imagine in most cases those meetings don’t amount to much at all. It’s been different with us, from the very beginning. So, there I stood…waiting to step through that door and meet my friends. After a few moments more I did just that. It was AWESOME!! Now for some highlights: Saturday Night: Sunday Day Sunday Night
And now for some pictures...
I'll write about the day and night (oh what a night it was) of camping next time!! Oh yeah, Happy St. Patrick's Day! There sure were some great S.P.D. pics yesterday for HNT! Thanks for all the comments on mine. Tonight I shall party with the wife, eat wings and drink green beer....Hooters anyone? Have a good Friday!!

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