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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Little Ditty About Chuck and Julie....

Okay folks have you noticed the little ticker thing up there? Know what that means?? Yep, you guessed it...There is only eleven days left until H.R.H. The Queen of Pink comes to visit me here in my humble home. Can you tell that I’m all kinds of excited? Yeah, I sho ‘nuf is! She and her husband, Skrek, will be pulling in here sometime Sunday evening March 12th. Of course we’ve talked about a lot of stuff she wants to do while she’s here in civilization. She, of course, hopes to see me naked (accidently of course), go out and eat some good sushi and other Japanese food, drink plenty of booze, take a trip to the top of Vulcan, pet Trooper, hang out around the house, give me a bj, etc. Besides the thrill of getting to meet her in person, there is only one other thing I’m dying to do; I’ve already warned her that I intend to dip my finger into her honey pot! LOL No seriously, we’re going to have a hella good time. By the way, have you noticed I’ve used the word “hella” in the past three or four of my posts? Yeah, it’s my new favorite word, and yes I know I’m about two years behind in using it. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, Julie’s visit...I know we’re going to have more fun than George Michael in a public restroom. But I have one question for you guys. Can you suggest something you’d love to see the two of us do? If you have a suggestion we like, then we’ll do it, take pics of ourselves doing said suggestion, and post em on our blogs afterwards. Come on and give us some ideas. You know you’re dying to. By the way, y'all like our childhood picture up there? Didn't know we've been friends that long did ya? So, what else? Well, my business trip to Mississippi was cancelled yesterday and rescheduled for Thursday. So it looks like I’ll not be around for all the Half-Nekkid Thursday hoopla till later in the day. But never fear, I’ll still come up with a picture and post it late on Wednesday night. With it being Mardi Gras week and all I wish I had some beads. If I did I’d wrap em around my dick and take a pic of that. But then again I’d need a hella lot of beads! :) Guess I’ll have to come up with something else. Ive got a few ideas...tune in tomorrow to see what I come up with. Well that’s about it for today. Got a crap load of work to do so I better get cracking. I hope you all have a great Hump Day and be sure to get you in some humpin if you can. You better believe I’ll be getting some porn quality action this evening! ;) Don't forget tonight to VOTE FOR TAYLOR! Check out my button on the sidebar and my Taylor Hicks links in my blogroll.

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