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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I'm Back!!

Well folks, we’re back at our respective homes safe and sound. Unfortunately as soon as I returned home I had to leave once again for a food show in Eastern Alabama and won’t be back home till late tonight. I expect there will be several posts from both Julie and I attempting to detail all the excitement of the past three days….and let me just tell you folks, there was a shit load of excitement! We all had more fun than three people should be allowed to have. For me personally, meeting Julie and her husband was one of the highlights of my life. Until I have the time to go into all the detail, and rest assured I will, I’ll have to satisfy your thirst with a couple pictures. The first one here is the three of us; drinking, dining and posing for pics at Hooters. Here I am…drunk off my ass, starting to get nekkid…and looking a bit on the bloated side! Y’all have a good one, and I’ll write more later… and if you want to read more today, check out Julie's blog... Sorry I didn't have more, but I'm a little busy right now, you know.... working for a living.

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