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Friday, March 10, 2006


Folks, I am All Kinds of EXCITED!!

Well y'all the time is nigh. Tomorrow around noonish I’ll be heading west to meet up with you know WHO!! As I mentioned the other day, it didn’t work out for The Queen of Pink and her husband Shrek to come all the way here, so instead we’re going to meet half way in Jackson Mississippi. And just let me tell you....we’re going to tear that town up! We’re going to have a helluva good time and I can’t wait. For nearly thirteen months now Julie and I have formed and nurtured an excellent friendship. We talk pretty much everyday, we share in the ups and downs of our respective family lives. Really we’re the best of friends, and our meeting tomorrow will be the icing on the cake. It amazes me that a friendship like this can develop over such a long period of time, and be so close, without ever having actually met. Well, that’ll be rectified come 6pm tomorrow! Do any of you have any similar situations where you have friendships like ours? In other news I’ve spent the morning at the automotive repair shop trying to get the a/c on my wife’s car fixed. That will set me back about $250. Also we had some hella bad storms around here last night and didn’t have power for about three and a half hours. Yeah that was fun, but at least the power outage didn’t interfere with American Idol....Go Taylor! Man, he’s awesome... Well, I guess this will be about it for me today. I’ve got a shit load of work to get done before the end of the day. Y’all check in sometime over the weekend. Who knows, there may be a drunken audio post or two from me, Julie and her husband. We’ll definitely be posting pictures and stories from the weekend come Tuesday. Have a great weekend, I know I sure will!!

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