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Monday, March 13, 2006


Audio Post Update #1.....or ALMOST!

Hi Everyone - This is Southern Sweetheart -- Chuck called & asked me to help him out with an update to you guys. He asked me to tell you that he and the Queen are sorry for their slackness with letting you know how their spectacular meeting has been going. They had hoped to update before now but are currently out in the woods camping & don't have any access to the internet. They were planning on doing an audio post tonight and I was to add this little blurb you're now reading to the beginning of it but I'm guessing he's too damn drunk to remember the code to audio blog. Anyway, they are partying it up and having a "hella good time" and I've talked to them myself, so I can confirm it!!!! If I hear from them again and there's any pertinant, life altering news I'll be sure to update you -- and you may just want to stayed tuned anyway - I'm sure if he comes out of his drunken slumber and remembers his code there will be an audio post here at some point tonight!! This is Chuck's secretary, SS, back lata........

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