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Friday, February 24, 2006


Taylor Hicks and Home Alone....

Some of you may not know this, but I’m an American Idol fan. Yes, tis true. I was/am heavily into the show during the second season, last season and this current season. Why only three out of the five? Well, there was a local guy featured in each of those seasons. We had Ruben Studdard, then Bo Bice last year, and this year we have Taylor Hicks (pictured above). All three are from, or have been long time residents of, the Birmingham, Alabama area. I’ve just got to say, my man Taylor is smokin! He’s got talent - original and pure. He sang an excellent rendition of Levon during Wednesday nights episode. Damn, it was good! If you missed it you can watch his performance by clicking here. I called to vote for him about 200 times, but only got through once. That was obviously a good sign, and last night we saw he's made it on through to the next round. Yeah I’ll be routing him all the way to the finals, just like I did for Bo last year. Oh, and speaking of Bo Bice, he showed up where my wife works a few weeks ago and she had her picture made with him. She said he was tiny, much smaller than he looks on television. I questioned why he had his pants off around her, but she didn’t think my joke was funny. Anyway... I’m glad it’s Friday. This week has been a rough one. It looks like my wife and kids will be gone this weekend. It’s turning out that ole Chuck might be completely alone for two nights and two days. Hmmm, I’m wondering what kinds of trouble I can get into? Anyone wanna come over for a party? Come on ladies....I promise you a good time. ;) We could play strip poker, truth or dare and spin the bottle. Y’all swing on over, and remember to BYOB! Also go check out my new friend from down the road in Atlanta, Becca at Dandelion Wishes. She's having some hard times, but she's real sweet and a hell of a writer. Go tell her howdy! Have a good weekend!

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