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Monday, February 20, 2006


My Weekend...

My ex wife is a worthless, good for nothing, dead beat piece of crap. It amazes me that a woman who has given birth to two children could care so much more for herself than she does for her kids. I know there are a lot of y’all who are reading now who may not have been reading this blog over the past year and a half. So it’s a good bet you’re possibly not up to date on the whole crazy situation that is my ex wife. (There is plenty to read in the archives if you’re interested.) She does, on occasion, things that upset me big time. To be honest, just about everything she does is upsetting....I just haven’t written about it in a long while. In the past eight months this woman has had unnecessary surgery twice. A boob job and lap band. She’s even had surgery for her cat; she had it declawed so it wouldn’t tear up her new sofa and piano. She can have this shit done, and buy crap like this...while getting her hair and nails done, and maintain her membership at the gym...but she can’t offer a dollar in child support. Oh, I must be sure to note that she doesn’t work at all. She’s a student. Her Mother supports her financially. She is in nursing school one and a half days a week. What does she do the other five and a half days each week? Well lets see; she goes to therapy, she goes to church (what a joke), she works out and she sleeps. And that’s only the things I know she’s doing. There’s no telling what she’s doing that I don’t know about. All along Susan and I are totally supporting my children with no help from the ex. Put yourself in Susan’s place. Three years ago she didn’t even know my kids existed. Now she’s putting things she likes on the back pedicures and haircuts, so our combined salaries can pay for things like braces, school lunches, clothes and day care. Meanwhile the ex lives in hog heaven. I thank God I have primary custody of my kids. I would rather be dead that have it be the opposite. I’d just love to wake up one morning and find that my ex was ready to financially begin supporting the children she gave birth to, without me having to take her ass to court. Cause seriously, that’s totally the next step. I just doubt she’ll ever come to the conclusion on her own, and without a judge’s intervention. We’ll just have to see what the future brings... In other news... Susan and I had a nice vacation down to the beach this past weekend. It was pretty much paid for by one of my customers. We had the opportunity to get away to a nice resort in Destin, Florida and live it up for a few days. We had excellent accommodations, good food and drink, entertainment and alone time. I even got to TDA again on Friday night. (It you’re not sure what TDA is, check out this post.) It did turn cold in the Florida panhandle on Saturday morning, but we found ways to stay warm. In other words we did some hella shopping. I got myself the Clark Wallabees I’ve been wanting, and we bought some Crocs for Susan and my daughter T, among other things. It was an all around great weekend. I’ve already made reservations at the resort so we can bring the kids down in April. They’ll love it I’m sure. I’ve stayed there many times. Well that’s about it for this Monday. I’ve got a lot of work to do this week, in addition to heading back out of town. I need to go work in both Huntsville and Mobile, Alabama. I wonder which will get my attention this week? I really should plan this stuff in advance... Have a great Monday!

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