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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


The Vagina Monologues....

I have a question for you ladies. Men feel free to put your two cents worth in as well.... Last night the wife and I had sex. It wasn’t average sex, it was GREAT sex. We started out with me laying back and her hands and mouth doing their magic. Exploring the freshly shaved wonder that is my genitalia. Once things had hardened properly she climbed on top and did the “rodeo bull ride” for a good ten minutes. Then she slowed down, came to a stop, and asked me if I’d take her from behind. I told her I’d be happy to oblige and she climbed off and got on all fours; positioning herself, and ready for a spearing. I quickly got down to business. She was so wet and I was hella hard. It was pure poetry in motion. After six or seven minutes I decided I wanted to put on a condom so I could get the feeling of depositing my payload in the hanger. I pulled out, rolled down the rain coat, then went back to the business at hand. I pounded her for a good time. I did stop once and pull out, just long enough to let the motor idle for just a second or two. I dove back in with a vengeance. A few minutes later found the both of us coming just like the US Mail. Wow, it was awesome! Once the waves of pleasure had passed I pulled out and began taking off the rubber. As I was doing so she got up out of bed, to go pee, and that’s when it happened. She ripped a big one. Even though it was pitch black in our room she must have sensed my shock and dismay. The shock was because it was like a record breaking fart. The dismay was due to my embarrassment that she did it at all. When I gasped she heard me and said, “That wasn’t a fart. That was air from my vagina. (Yeah, she actually used the word “vagina” weird is that?) Sorry baby, all that pounding must’ve done it. But it sure was good though, right?” “Right...” What my wife had was a “cooter pooter.” There is a proper word for it, and it begins with a Q or K, I think, but I can’t figure out how to spell it now. Anyway, her coochie was making some serious noise for couple of seconds. So now for my question....Is this normal? Do other women have this happen when they’re getting it hard from behind? I know all the displaced air has to release itself some way, but is this the norm? Yeah, she’ll kick my ass when/if she reads this. Edit: Yeah, the word I was looking for was Queef. Thanks Julie! I have experienced it before, it had just been a while.

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