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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


My Weekend: Beer, new cell phones, dumb movies and wild sex...

I did some beer drinking this past weekend. I like to think of myself as a beer snob but really I’m not. I’m more of the Miller Lite kind of beer drinker, but I did treat myself to a bit of a tour of American Micro Brewers on Saturday. We went to World Market to look around a bit. I was hoping to find some of that yummy (did I just write yummy?) Kokanee beer I enjoyed so much of when I was up in Canadia, but alas it was not to be found. Instead I found a 10 pack of different beers from all around the U.S. I bought it, took em home and let em chill. Later that evening I took my “beer tour” and got a bit on the tipsy side. Usually I can drink an eighteen pack without getting a buzz, but some of those babies had a little more alcohol content than my usual brand. Plus, with the diet, I’m not eating as much these days. Woooo eeee did I get my drink on!! I enjoyed all of them except the chili beer. It actually had a chili pepper in it. Yeah, it was a little on the hot side. I started with these... And finished up with the rest. In my inebriated state I must have thrown out the last bottle, even though I’d intended on saving it for the picture. I also developed an extreme case of jealousy this weekend. Susan had been needing a new cell phone and to convert over from the old AT&T cell service to Cingular, where she gets a corporate discount thanks to her job. We bought her the black Razr phone. That baby is tough. She also got a better bluetooth cordless ear thingy than I have. Mine’s only got two hours of talk time and her’s has eight. I am giving myself two weeks tops till I get a Razr phone for myself. Yeah, I’ll have doubt me? We also got my daughter a cell phone, they threw it in free with the rest of the purchase. I'm not a real believer in a twelve year old having a cell phone, but since it was free and the plan only went up $10 a month...what the hell. It sure made her day. The total highlight of my weekend had to have been Sunday night. Susan made us all, as a family, watch Auntie Mame. Boy howdy, it sure was exciting let me tell you. I was counting the minutes till the damn thing was over. I’m sure it was a hit in 1958, but now a days? Not so much. I did get me some hot kinky monkey sex Friday night. Susan saw my HNT pic from last week, and the comments (surely not the picture itself) must have turned her on. She practically raped my ass. (For the record, when I say “raped my ass” I don’t mean she actually inserted anything in there. Okay?) Yeah, something about other people's appreciation of her man really got her juices flowing. Hell, if I can get more comments like that I just may have to get even more daring in my future picture posts! It sure paid off for me this time. I may be heading up to Chattanooga for work later today, so if I’m not around much over the next couple days you’ll know why. Later!

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