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Friday, December 09, 2005


Sex and Ghosts in Canada....

It’s Friday evening and I thought I would take some time and write another random post. This will probably be the only chance I’ll have until Tuesday. My parents and grandmother have come down from Tennessee, as well as my sister from Kentucky. We’re having an early Christmas celebration this weekend since we won’t be able to get together closer to the actual holiday. My Mom brought a turkey breast with her and I’ve already made my famous holiday dressing, all ready for cooking tomorrow. I’ve already bought tickets for my daughter, sister and I to go see the Narnia movie tomorrow. Looks like it’s shaping up to be a nice family weekend. I thought I’d take some time to share some of the happenings from our wonderful trip to Canada…I hope y’all don’t mind. Our room was haunted. The hotel was built in 1888, I believe, and I later found out that it was supposedly full of ghosts. But I found this out after I had my first experience. It was Sunday night, the first night we were there. Susan was in bed already asleep and I was lying next to her, on my stomach, reading my novel. At some point I felt pressure being applied to the end of the mattress. It was as if someone was pushing down with their hands. I didn’t think anything of it at first because we often allow Trooper to sleep with us and I’m used to him walking around at the foot of the bed till he finds a comfortable spot to crash on. It took me a few moments to realize the dog wasn’t with us so I looked down at Susan’s blanket covered legs to see if she was moving around. Her legs seemed to be in the same place they had been earlier. I forgot about it after a while and went back to reading. A little while later I felt it again. I immediately looked over my shoulder to the foot of the bed but nothing was moving. I stretched my right leg out till it was touching Susan’s and then went back to reading. Within seconds I felt the pressure on the mattress, but this time it was in the area between my out stretched legs. It was definitely something pushing on the bed, but it was nothing I could see. I instantly felt as if it was some sort of other worldly presence, but I didn’t feel the least bit threatened or scared. Eventually my Tylenol PM kicked in and I went to sleep. The next night Susan and I had come in from a night of eating and drinking and we, as married couples will often do, decided to have sex. After the usual foreplay, oral sex, kissing, etc we got into our regular position with her on her back and me on my knees between her legs. We were doing it with her lying sideways across the mattress with my ass facing out towards the left side of the bed. We’d been going at it for a good fifteen minutes or so when I again felt the pressure upon the mattress. This time it was behind me on the eight inches or so from where my knees were, to the edge of the mattress. I was aware of the pressure on the bed, but I was intent on completing the task at hand and giving us both the pleasure and release we both needed so bad. Right as I was winding things up and slamming home with as much force to push us both over the edge, it happened. I felt a warm touch running up my inner left thigh. It lingered right behind my swinging balls and then went towards my asshole. Just as I was busting my nut I felt, what seemed like a finger, touch my puckered brown eye and I clinched it as tight as I could. After a second, as soon as my orgasm was done, I mumbled the word "stop". It was barely more than a wisper and the feeling and pressure went away. Now folks I don’t know if this was all in my mind or what, but I know what I felt on the bed the night before and I’ve never felt anything like this during sex before. It occurred to me later that, as Susan and I were taking a shower together right before sex, we had talked about having a little anal play. Maybe some fingering or rimming, but during the course of our play time it never came to pass. I wonder if there was someone else listening in the room and they decided to add their special touch. If so, I sure hope it was the spirit of some long gone dead chick. I did go to the concierge desk the next day and asked if there was anyone who could give me some back ground on any ghosts or unusual past happenings on the third floor. Unfortunately the concierge person who knew all about the history of this sort of thing was off all week on vacation. It’s amazing to me, even now, that I wasn’t in the least bit disturbed by any of this. If any of you ever get to visit the Banff Springs Hotel and stay the night, request room 378 and see if anything similar happens to you. I’d love to know. Here is the actual bed in our hotel room. If anyone sees anything in the picture, like an orb or displaced floating head, let me know! Have a GREAT weekend!!

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