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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Curling, Weird Dreams and Sex....

Curling Who would have actually thought this could be a sport? Especially one deemed worthy of the Olympics? I’ve recently become aware of this game/event/challenge?, and I can honestly say I see nothing about it that excites me in the least. The only way I could find myself the least bit interested would be if it the contestants were completely naked, and they were all young and attractive women. I’ll use one of my Dad’s sayings here, “I wouldn’t walk from here to across the street to see it, even if they paid me.” Curling is a weight training exercise or something chicks do to their hair....not a game played on ice. So, how is everyone’s week going? Good I hope. Mine you ask? Well, since you asked I’ll just have to say it’s going alright. I continue to have some really weird ass dreams every time I go to sleep. It all started with my Christmas Day nap, and has continued non stop since then. I know there are some of you out there who have some very vivid and memorable dreams, but not me. Until now, that is. Last night I dreamt I purchased a mansion with 50 plus rooms. Not only was it a historic home, but it was also a department store, bar and restaurant. For some reason I wasn’t told prior to buying it that the house also served these other purposes. I remember being really pissed off about this, until I found a stash of diamonds under the stairs worth billions. Yeah, see....I told you....weird shit, huh? Again there were bloggers and or frequent commentors present in my dream. Several of you were there; either at the bar, shopping in the restaurant, or in several of the many bedrooms/lovin' rooms of the mansion. I won’t name names here because really, I don’t want you all to know I like you that much! ;-) That’s about it for today. Not much has been going on during my “week of doing nothing”. Well, wait a minute....There was one thing that did happen last night worth mentioning. My sexual dry spell ended. Thankfully I finally got me some after a little more than a week. I know it’s shocking to some of you. You probably think a stud like me is getting it every day, several times a day, but alas....that’s not always true! LOL Talk to you tomorrow!

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