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Monday, November 28, 2005


My Birthday, Thanksgiving and Leaving....

Today’s post could very well be it for me for a while. I’m leaving here tomorrow morning and going to Chicago for a sales meeting that will last until Friday. Then on Sunday Susan and I leave for our vacation in Western Canada. I won’t be home and settled back in till a week from this Thursday, so I hope you all won’t forget about me in my absence! As I mentioned in my last post, my birthday was on Saturday. I am now thirty-seven years old. For some reason that just seems so damn old. When my Father was my age he had a son, me, who was a senior in High School. I can’t imagine having a child that old right now. It amazes me to think of him back then, and how mature he seemed, and to think he was as old then as I am now. My birthday was very nice. The kids had stayed with their Mother the night before, so after sleeping in on Saturday, Susan and I drove up to her place and picked them up. Then the four of us went to one of my favorite restaurants and ate while watching football on the many televisions mounted on the walls. Afterwards we came home and I continued to bask in the loving warmth of my family. (Yeah, I know that sounds lame, but it was my deal with it!) We decorated the Christmas tree and house then around eight o’clock we ordered pizza and watched Madagascar on DVD. A little later Susan and I slipped off to the bedroom and I received my first annual “Birthday Blow Job To Completion". A little later Susan, my daughter and I watched Terms of Endearment. Let’s just say, mine were the only dry eyes in the room. Overall it was a wonderful birthday. Thanksgiving was superb. I did 97% of the cooking, as usual, and I just have to say it was de-lish!! Both my sister-in-law and wife claimed it better than what their Mother makes. Of course we continued to eat it in leftover format for a couple days afterwards, other than the pizza. But last night I broke the cycle and made chicken stir fry. Yeah, it was all kinds of good. Well, I guess that’s about it for now. I may have an opportunity to post while I’m in Chicago. If not I may welcome a guest poster or two. Anyone care to offer their writing talents to my humble home on the net?

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