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Monday, October 10, 2005


Sex Lives of the Rich and Famous....

I took my family yesterday to see The Lion King, a performance by the Broadway touring company. It was pretty good. The costumes, music and dancing was all quite entertaining. My five year old son wasn’t too into it though. Once we were seated again after the intermission he looked up at me and asked, “Aw man, do we have to watch it again?” I had to explain to him that it was the second half and it was different from what we’d already seen. Yeah I think he was expecting a cartoon. Do you ever wonder about the sex lives of famous people? Well I do...I was just using the bathroom, and while I was sitting in there I read a rather interesting article in the new issue of Playboy. It’s entitled, In Bed With Elvis, by Byron Raphael and Alanna Nash. Byron was a member of Elvis’ entourage back in the late 50's and on into the 70's. He tells stories about Elvis’ sex life and what kinds of women he’d want to bed. It was partially Byron’s job to find the right kinds of women the King liked, invite them to parties at the suite, inspect them for flaws like inverted nipples, teach them how to turn the Pelvis on, (he’d have them give him head), then send them on into the master suite where Big E would be waiting. He writes that while Elvis was well endowed he hardly ever actually had intercourse with the women or girls. He preferred getting blow jobs or hand jobs to actual sex. This supposedly was for two reasons; Elvis was uncircumcised and was afraid of tearing his foreskin, and he had been taught by his Mother to wait for marriage. How nice. He also tells the tale of how Elvis attempted to seduce and bed Natalie Wood. Evidently she only stayed in the Kings bedroom for a few minutes then stormed out asking Raphael, “What’s the matter with your boss? Doesn’t he know how to screw?” According to Byron, he ended up doing Wood right there on the couch so she wouldn’t go away unsatisfied. It was an interesting read, if it’s true....I wouldn’t mind having that kind of job. Okay, I have a question for all of you and I want your answer in the comments. I’ve recently been talking with someone and this person and I have come to a difference of opinion. Let’s see if y’all can help. Imagine if you will that you are sleeping in a tent. You’re in your sleeping bag and you’re all comfy and ready to fall asleep to the sounds of the owls and other wildlife around you. Is your sleeping bag lying on the ground or the floor? Which is it? I’ll give you my opinion and more info in tomorrow’s post. I know this is pretty random, but indulge me...please.

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