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Thursday, October 27, 2005


A Pre-Halloween HNT...

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! I know the question on all your minds is, "Is there a hole cut into the back of this pumpkin?" Well let me just say that you all are a bunch of perverts! Everyone knows if you want to have "relations" with a vegetable or fruit you always go for a member of the melon family. Gourd types just don't work quite the same! Believe me, I've tried...LOL Seeing as this is the last Half-Nekkid Thursday before Halloween I just had to take advantage and post a holiday themed picture. Here I am, in all my nekkid glory, with the family pumpkin strategically placed. (click on the pic for more up close and personal detail!) I’ll actually be carving this exact pumpkin tomorrow night with my kids. After which we’ll be watching the Charlie Brown Halloween special that Susan tivo’d last night. I know it would have made this picture much more exciting had I not had a t-shirt on, but seriously? I really doubt y’all would be wanting to see my beer gut! So here you go....some of you have been requesting a more exposed Chuck. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get even bolder in the future! By the way, that white thing between my legs is the base of an oscillating fan. HHNT!! (happy half-nekkid thursday) everyone!

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