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Saturday, October 08, 2005

It’s official....thanks to those damn hurricanes (the LSU game was postponed and was played on a Monday night because of Hurricane Rita) a better football team lost tonight to a mediocre team. The University of Georgia is now 5-0 and before tonight they haven’t played anyone worth a shit. The best team they had played was South Carolina, and they barely beat them. So in the past thirteen (13) days The University of Tennessee has played three good teams and UGA played one game...against Mississippi State. Yeah....that was all kinds of hard...I'm sure.... A sucky college football team beat a good team tonight and while it’s true UT made some dumb mistakes and had a lot of penalties....they were still THE better team. Had they not been physically drained from the past 13 days, I’m sure there would have been quite a different ending to the game. I guess the better team doesn't always win. Oh well, a loss is a loss...and a bet is a bet. Sometime soon you will be seeing the result of that bet in the form of a very special picture from me. Mel and I made a bet and I’ll be paying up. I’m off to get drunk now and then, hopefully, pass out....

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