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Monday, October 31, 2005


Happy Halloween!!

Before you ask, the person in this pic is no one I know personally. Just a picture I found and thought was a bit on the funny side. So...big plans for Halloween? My neighbor is having a Halloween pre-trick or treating dinner for the kids. There will be "eyeball punch", witches fingers and toes. It should be a fun time. Then the kids will go TorTing while I stay home, give out candy and drink beer with the guy next door. My ex, FA, will be coming over to take the kids around the neighborhood, so that should be all kinds of fun! I spent a lot of time this weekend watching Most Haunted Live on TLC. Those Brits sure do get into their hauntings. I guess when you live in the most haunted country in the world it's easy to be a ghost enthusiast. Tonight is part four of the four-night, live three-hour event. I'll be sure to tivo it. So what’s your opinion? Do you believe in ghosts or spirit persons, as they call them on the show? Have you ever had an experience with the spirit world? Do share if you have... I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a Spooktacular Halloween!!

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