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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Ground vs. Floor....

Okay here is the background on the floor vs. ground thing, like I’m sure you’re all sitting on your edge of your seats waiting to hear.... A week or so ago I was talking with Julie and she was telling me about an fun little argument she and her husband were having. She said she thought the bottom of a tent was considered the floor and he said it was the ground. She asked me what I thought and I quickly agreed with her loving husband. I just can’t imagine why anyone would consider it a floor. To me a floor is elevated above the ground, and a thin piece of fabric laying on the ground is not a floor. If I go lay a bed sheet out in the back yard does that mean I suddenly have a floor? So yesterday the subject came up again and I told her I’d ask for reader input on my blog. Counting my vote, although it’s not published in the comments, there are 10 floor and 10 ground. (thanks Caligirl who came in with her choice as I was writing this and tied it up!) So I guess it’s a draw....but still...What’s wrong with you people?? LOL Now there were some of you who said something like, “the floor is on the ground”, so I reckon that goes onto the floor list. Anyway, aren’t you glad to know the real story about this? Aren’t you glad you participated? I’m sure there are some of you who are wanting that twenty seconds of your life back. In other news, as many of you may know, I lost a bet with Mel over the UGA/UT game last Saturday. I will be posting a picture for HNT that involves the winning school’s colors and or logo. Any thought’s of what I should post? I was thinking about drawing the G logo on the head of my dick, or writing “The University of Georgia football team, their boosters, the cheerleaders, band and all their fans can blow me” up the shaft in really big letters. But I’m not sure how well that would go over. How about some suggestions? I have another idea brewing as well....but again, I’m not sure how it will go over either. In even other news I made some killer stoup for dinner last night. What is stoup you ask? Well I started out with one of those “beef stew in the bag for the crock pot things” and once it was cooking I realized it might not be enough for my family and I. So I decided to fry up some hamburger, add a can of tomato sauce, some water, and some more veggies and suddenly I had more of a soupy consistency. I baked a iron skillet of cornbread and our vegetable/beef/hamburger stoup was great! We all loved it except the boy, he didn’t like the veggies. Okay, so how much more boring can this post be?? Maybe I should stop here.... Y’all have a great one!

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