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Friday, October 14, 2005


Friday Fun with Pictures....

Happy Friday to you all!! I thought I would do something today that I’ve seen many other bloggers doing over the past week or so. I do so hope you enjoy... In case you want to also play along, here are the directions: Go to Google and click on the images link. Type in the following and post the first (or your favorite) picture the search engine finds. - The name of the town where you grew up - The name of the town where you live now - Your name - Your Grandmother’s name (pick one) - Your favorite food - Your favorite drink - Your favorite song - Your favorite smell TOWN WHERE I GREW UP...The only town in the South with a Civil War monument to Union Soldiers. The town was founded after the war by Yankee veterans. Yeah, I know...that's quite the abomination. TOWN WHERE I LIVE NOW...My daughter's school...Lord knows I spend enough money there. MY NAME...Seriously, I thought this was pretty damn funny...not sure what it is supposed to be though. Kinda scary in a that I think about it. But I'm digging the socks... MY GRANDMOTHER’S NAME...Not sure what this is supposed to be either, but it really came up when I typed in her name. MY FAVORITE FOOD...Yeah, it's a costume featuring my current favorite food, but I did think it was funny, and there was a chick in it so that's always good. MY FAVORITE DRINK...Mix that up with a little Crystal Lite (the vodka, not the girl) and I'm a happy man! Love the hat though... MY FAVORITE SONG..."Rocky Top you'll always be (even when you suck) home sweet home to me..." I could listen to that song all the time! MY FAVORITE SMELL...Ah, nothing better than when you catch a whiff of a freshly opened can of... Now wasn't that all kinds of fun? Have a GREAT weekend!

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