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Friday, October 21, 2005


Can You Smell What The Chuckster Is Cooking?

Autumn in Alabama...It starts a little later than where some of you may live. Yes it’s October 21st and that crisp feeling is just starting to make its presence known in the air. We’re expecting our highs to be in the mid 60's and our lows in the mid 40's over the next few days. This kind of weather makes me think of two of my favorite things: College Football (including cheerleaders) AND Spicy chili I have been known to make some killer homemade chili in my day. Specifically every Fall and Winter. My chili prep is an all day affair. It’s chock full of beans, especially the dark red kidneys. My ground chuck beef is browned in sauteed onion and garlic. Once I drain the meat I add it to my special chili pot and then pour in my tomato sauce as well as seasoned diced tomatoes. I bring it to a boil, stirring often...then turn it down to low and let it cook. I simmer it for hours and add the right amount of spice, both mild and hot. Once I’m ready to serve I may have either homemade cornbread or corn chips. The chili can be topped with shredded cheddar and sour cream. I’m telling you all, it’s damn good! Wouldn’t you like to chill out with The Chucksters, watching some great football and eating some delicious chili? Oh yes...I can almost smell the farts now! Have a Great weekend! Think of me while I’m building a fence.... GO VOLS!!!

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