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Friday, September 16, 2005


Wings, Beer and Boobs....

In case you aren't aware, I love hooters. The restaurant and the fleshy kind. We now have three Hooters in the Birmingham area, with the newest one opening up a few months ago near where I live. It makes it so convenient now to get me some of their wings. I don't particularly like the food there, other than the wings. Their wings can be prepared breaded or "nekkid", for those of us who are carb conscience. My wife and I decided to stop in a couple Saturdays ago and enjoyed some tasty wings and some ice cold beer. What's better than beer, wings and boobs? In the picture we see a young lady trying to make some kind of statement about women. It seems the hard working chicks of Hooters are trying to help the lady out by offering her some refreshment. How thoughtful is that? So what is your opinion of women who choose to work in establishments like this? I heard once that someone was thinking of opening up a similar restaurant called Roosters. There would only be men serving. I believe it was a play on words since a rooster is also called a cock. Anyway, I guess it was just a rumor. I do wonder what the uniforms would have looked like though. Well it's Friday! T.G.I.freakingF...I'm once again looking forward to a weekend of football. I'll be real tense tomorrow evening watching my Vols play Florida. I seriously get so stressed that I usually don't even sit down during the entire game. God, I hope we can beat the Gators. Anyway, I hope you all have a swell weekend and try to get you some good lovin' if you can. If not, just enjoy some with yourself! By the way, I have quite a collection of Hooter's T-shirts. Eight of them actually. Whenever I am in a different city, and there is a Hooters, I try to buy one. Y'all feel free to go to your local Hooters and buy one for me....just be sure it has the city name on it!! ;-)

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