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Monday, September 19, 2005


Want Some Meat....?

Well I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I did other than the Tennessee loss Saturday night. God I was so mad I could hardly see straight. I hate that I get so wrapped up in that damn team. Susan got her undergrad there and obviously I didn’t, but I have been a bandwagon fan for at least eight or nine years now. I just hate to see them lose when they shouldn’t. Anyway, enough about that. In an attempt to spruce things up around here on my blog I have decided to have a really cool banner. My friend SK has volunteered to help me with it. Well not necessarily help me. Seeing as I am a total dumbass when it comes to stuff like this, she’s pretty much going to do it all. For that I am truly appreciative. I got an idea a couple months ago when I was having that little game where so many of you wrote my blog name onto something, took a picture and then I posted them. If you’re a new reader and know not what it is I am referring to you can click here and see them all. So any way, I got an idea because of a picture Julie sent me. It’s this picture actually... I was thinking that it might be funny if I had a picture of a package of ground chuck somewhere on my blog. Throughout my life I have gotten a chuckle out of seeing my name stamped on hamburger packages. Then, a couple weeks ago, Kellie sent me this picture her daughter had taken. That pretty much sealed the deal. So last week I was emailing back and forth with SK, aka Becky, and I asked her if she would help me with a banner. Seeing as she thought my blog was so boring, she readily agreed. She made this rough draft up for me. I like it pretty much, other than the font and the fact that the pic is a little blurry and crooked. Of course that’s no slam on Julie’s photographic skills. I tried to take some pictures myself, but couldn’t get them to come out right. Plus the stores I bought the meat from had their store name or logo prominently displayed on the label. Both Becky and Julie were kind enough to take even more pictures for me, and Becky even went so far as to alter the label, adding my entire blog name. Although again, this is a rough draft. But I do like that it’s a thick roll of meat...You know, as in, want some of my tube steak? Yeah, anyway... So I’m asking you you think this is in the least bit funny? Or do you think it’s just plain dumb? If you like the idea and think you might could take a picture of ground chuck yourself, go for it. It could be featured on my blog header. If you do want to give it a try I’d ask that you hurry. I’m hoping to get this up soon. That’s it for today. Back to work now....y’all have a good Monday!

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