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Thursday, September 08, 2005


Troope', Le Chien Joyeux...

OMG, they’ve taken my Trooper away and replaced him with some weird prissy shell of his former self. Susan made an appointment for Trooper to spend a day at the doggy spa. He needed a trim, bath, hot oil massage, and pedicure. When I dropped him off yesterday morning around 7:30 I immediately got a bad feeling about the place. Instead of peaceful waterfalls, soft music, mineral water and product laden shelves there were dumb cut out pictures of dogs on the walls and a 90 something year old woman behind the counter. I asked “Granny” if they knew how to trim Cairn Terriers and she assured me they did and that they would trim him just like they did last time. Okay, so that was not a good sign seeing as we’d never been there before… When I pointed this out she hurried and got me some paperwork to fill out while some toothless woman in a smock came and took my precious son away from me and back into the bowels of the establishment. All day long I had a bad feeling about what he’d turn out looking like when I picked him up. My worries were certainly worthwhile. When the kids and I picked him up we found, to our great shock, that our sweet shaggy Trooper had transformed into “Troope’, Le chien joyeux.” He does not look like the same animal. My daughter and I weren’t even sure it was him when he came prancing into the lobby. God, it’s terrible! I was too shocked to even complain. He is laying here now at my feet, but he’s too ashamed to even look at me. It’s a good thing there are no mirrors down at his level or he’d surely want to never go out of the house again without wearing a hat. Bless his heart…. Trooper Before Trooper After

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