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Monday, September 12, 2005


There Are Really Some Idiots In This Country...

I thought I was finished with writing here on my blog about the tragedy that was, and continues to be, Hurricane Katrina, but there are just some points I feel I need to make. While watching some of the news shows on MSNBC, CNN and Fox over the weekend, I became more and more baffled that anyone could be so stupid as to blame the Bush administration for what’s happened. To do so is complete lunacy when you look at the facts. The chain of responsibility for any city, including New Orleans, begins with the mayor. What a joke this Mayor Nagin is. It’s hard to believe he ever was elected in the first place. He was given 5 DAYS advance notice, but waited until 2 DAYS before he announced a mandatory evacuation. And he did so at the request of the President. Then, what amazes me, is that he had over 500 buses at his disposal, buses that could have taken 30,000 plus people to safety in one trip, yet he left them abandoned in the flood. Next we have the Director of Homeland Security for the city who failed to have any type of contingency plan in place. I’ve heard that there was a plan, and it had been discussed for fifty years, but this bozo didn’t act on it, yet blamed the Federal Government. The Governor of Louisiana, Ms. Blanco, was given a declaration of disaster by Bush 2 DAYS BEFORE the hurricane came ashore. She could have taken advantage of this declaration and started the ball rolling on aid and troops, but she didn’t. Gov. Blanco, in a news conference and reported by the A.P. said, and I paraphrase, that Bush had called and personally appealed for a mandatory evacuation for the low lying city. So, with this statement, it was then left to the Mayor to carry out an evacuation. He had the authority to act, but since he waited till the last minute, he screwed up. And the people blame Bush? Wow... There has been so much slamming of the President and finger pointing. There’s also been accusations that Bush is racist, which is stupid when you look at his record of appointments. But I guess it’s easy for the left to blame a republican white president, who did everything right, when so many of the victims in the tragedy are African American. The left-wing law makers, public figures (Jesse Jackson-what a joke) and media are good at trying to stir the shit. I wonder why Nagin and his administration aren’t being called out for their gross negligence in carrying out the established plan and offer of help? Could it be a racial thing? It certainly wouldn’t be politically correct to do so. And Hillary want’s a “Katrina Commission”? What has this country come to?

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