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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


My Ex Is A Selfish, Sorry Excuse For A Human Being....

Sorry if that’s considered NSFW, but’s only a cartoon! Click on the pic to make it larger if you can't read the caption or see all the artistic detail. Okay so it’s been a while since I’ve written about my exwife, FA. If memory serves I think the last time I went in depth about her she had just got her double D implants. Yeah, that’s it...I was ranting about how she can get fake boobs, (thanks to her Mom’s checkbook), weekly manicure/pedicures, hair cuts and hair color, (done at the salon and not from a box), new clothes and anything else she wants. All the while she doesn’t do shit for her two kids except take them out to eat, take them to the movies and buy them toys and video games. Meanwhile Susan and I struggle to keep them in clothes, food, school supplies, school lunches, daycare, a roof over their heads, etc. Oh...and $4,700 braces! New readers should know she’s almost 36 years old, doesn’t work and lives totally off the money her mother sends her. By her own admission she gets $500 every two weeks for spending money. Plus her Mom pays her nearly $900 a month apartment rent. All utilities, including internet, cable, home and cell phone. She is also driving a less than a year old brand new car, completely paid for by dear old Mom. She has no financial responsibilities. Even her school is paid for by grants and student loans. So was it too much for me to ask her to help out with the braces money? We’ve paid cash for all but the $1,295 balance we have left. It won’t be due for a year at least. With her Mom coming for a visit this past weekend I asked FA if she would ask her to pony up for the remainder. She said she would, but she knew what the answer would be...NO. I suggested she say something in her pitch to the effect of how she wants to help out with the finances for her kids. She took offense to that. Her Mom has been gone a day now, but I haven’t asked yet what the answer was. I’m sure it was no. Actually if I was a betting man I’d bet she didn’t even ask her. Because you know if her Mom was to say yes, it would take away from extra money she could be giving FA for the blond streaks in her auburn dyed hair. It disgusts me that this woman who gave birth to these children wouldn’t want to do whatever she could to help them out financially. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if the worse had happened and I did not get primary custody of the kids I would be paying out the ass for child support. I’d do it willingly because they are my children, and I would live in a shack if I had to and do without all luxuries just so my kids could be provided for. She has no concept that she has responsibilities to anyone other than herself. I know what you’re thinking. We should sue for child support. Yeah for almost two and a half years now I have not taken that course. But the divorce decree does say, “Child support by future order of the court.” My lawyer has told me that if I were to do so the judge would most likely make her go to work somewhere, even if it was working for the state picking up liter. I really want to take this step, but to be honest I can’t afford it. I can’t afford the $2000 retainer and the other thousands it would take to fight her in court. I’ve been holding onto hope for a while now that she would come around and agree to pull a little weight. Hell, it was only three months ago that she agreed to pay every other week of daycare and every other month of school lunches for my daughter. Now she says she never said that. Yeah I didn’t see that coming. Maybe I should be putting a little aside for this future legal action. I say future, because I can see that it will have to happen sometime soon. Oh well, we shall see. Sorry to hit y’all with all this today. It’s just been coming to a head and it’s really pissing me off! In other news I worked my ass off today and will be doing so till at least 4pm on Friday. I’ve got a big presentation on Friday morning so I’ll be working hard on that for the next couple days. Y’all wish me luck, there’s a lot of new business on the line.

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