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Thursday, September 01, 2005


The Chuckster Rants (edited with new information)…

I’m going to do something here I don’t often do….Give a strong opinion about current events. If you don’t like to hear the personal views of others, I encourage you to skip this post… EDIT Friday 8:00pm: Okay, so I’m watching this really nice NBC live, live I say, production tonight staring Faith Hill, her husband Tim McGraw, Lindsay Lohan, Harry Connick Jr., Aaron Neville, Glenn Close and Richard Gere, Eli Manning, Mike Myers, John Goodman, Kanye West, Branford Marcellus, etc. The whole show was a live benefit to raise money for the American Red Cross’ hurricane aid for the peoples in the effected areas. So there would be a song, then the camera would pan over to the right, or stage left if you were there, and one or more of the famous people would talk about giving to the R.C. Sometimes they would be joined by Matt Laurer (who was the host) and it would usually be followed or preceded by video of the destruction. So, towards the end we see Mike Myers and Kanye West (pronounced Kahn Yay) ready to read from the teleprompter and address America. Mikey reads his part ( I guess they couldn’t find enough willing American celebs, or maybe he was just in town, and you know we all love us some Austin Powers…at least I do anyway…) So Mike Myers reads his part and then pauses for Kanye to take up reading the words scrolling before them. But K-Dog, as I like to call him, doesn’t read. He chose to come up with his own interpretation of things. He begins to go off on how it’s just the black people who are suffering, and how they only show black people looting and then when they show white people, they’re only looking for food. Oh and he said “we’ve given the Army permission to shoot the blacks!” I don’t remember all that he said, but you get the drift. Meanwhile poor Mr. Powers was standing there, eyes shifting off stage, looking ever so uncomfortable. The look on his face made it obvious this wasn’t planned….at least not by the producers of the show. Once K was finished with his rant, Mike took back up reading the prompter. Reading, mind you, the words that were supposed to be read. As soon as he was finished Kanye took over and said, “George Bush doesn’t care about Black People!” The look on Mike Myers face was priceless! The camera shifted and suddenly we see Chris Tucker trying to come up with something to say. He did a good job, but you could tell he was obviously put on the spot. Damn NBC…can you say Janet Jackson and wardrobe malfunction? Where was the delay? WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT!! So you want to make a statement by being STUPID? I can’t believe this dumbass Kanye West would be so uninformed to say something like that on live television. His attempt at making a statement left him looking like the biggest piece of ghetto trash. To say something like that is a true sign of total ignorance. It amazes me to think there are people in this country who have such a infantile, back assward view of our national leadership and national situation. I’m sure his little out burst will be all over the Internet soon. If you happened to miss it happening live you’ll, no doubt, be able to find a clip of it. I hope Kanye Googles himself and finds a link to this post. Hey Kanye, if your reading this, you are a big piece of uninformed shit. I hope you grow a brain sometime soon. This nation is trying to help out those affected by this natural disaster. Our President is doing everything possible to make it happen. We want to save everyone affected, white/black/yellow/green. I think you may have a few other problems you should work out. Ever considered counseling? You know what? In a situation like this, where some people are killing, raping and stealing from the innocent, the cops and military should have permission to kill. Too bad it ain’t happening, in my opinion. Edit Friday 10:35pm: Thanks to my friend ESSFingers I now can offer you an edited version of the video clip. He said more prior to the point where this vid begins, but still, you’ll get the drift. Click here. If you’d like to read the perfect, IMO, post about NOLA, click here. Mox, good work. That was beautiful! now the original post from yesterday…. Yesterday I wrote about how bad I feel for the victims, refugees and property damage Katrina left in her wake. Today I am just plain pissed off. I have been watching more and more television coverage and listening to radio talk shows and somehow I’ve began to wonder how this can happen in The United States of America. Now, I’m not wondering about the storm. While it’s true I was shocked at the destruction Katrina caused, I’m now flabbergasted at the idiotic mentality of the people who decided to ride it out. And I’m primarily pissed at the freaking idiots who are purposefully breaking the law in the City of New Orleans. First of all, I can understand that many of the people who stayed behind in the city were lower income folks. People who didn’t have the means to travel out of town. Maybe they didn’t have family in Texas or Alabama they could live with. Possibly they didn’t have the money to stay in a hotel. Or they could have been old, sick or crippled and unable to physically leave. But the point is that they were warned. On Saturday, two days before she hit, the governor of Louisiana gave the evacuation orders. Everyone who could, should have left. Even if they had to walk to a shelter, they should have gone. Deciding to “ride it out” like they’ve done in the past is stupid. I watched a live report on Sunday with Shepard Smith of Fox News describing the people still partying on Bourbon Street. WTF? You’ve got a category 5 storm heading your way and your throwing back beers and slipping dollars to strippers? Now I like to get my drink on as much or more than most folks, but I ain’t stupid. When the government tells me I should move my ass, I ain’t gonna sit around and wait for a personal invitation. Then you have the looters, rapist and murders. I have heard of first hand accounts on tv of murder and rape in the streets of the city. There were two murders in the Civic Center last night. When the sun goes down in the city at night, the bad guys come out to play. THIS disgusts me to no end. While it’s true that this shit does happen all the time all around the country, it just seem so much more savage to me when it happens under these circumstances. Maybe it shouldn’t but it does. To think of armed bands of gangs with AK 47’s roaming the streets at night, taking what they want from those left behind makes me want to do something damaging myself. There are those who had no choice in leaving, as I mentioned above. To think of them huddled in their water logged homes or apartments, fearing for their lives….God, it’s deplorable. If I were in charge, these pieces of shit wouldn’t have a prayer. There would be decapitated heads of rapists and murders lining the building tops at the corner of Canal and Bourbon. I’m sorry if that sounds too severe, but like I said, you don’t have to read this if you don’t want. There was also reports of looters climbing over the bodies of people who drowned in their homes just to get to any valuables they may have had. Can you imagine? Corpses of American citizens are being plundered by Americans. It was just announced that a large number of Guard soldiers are on their way to aid the police in taking back the city. I’m glad they’re coming to help but, why now and not yesterday? I know that our National Guard units are spread thin since they’re needed in Iraq and Afghanistan, but my first thought, when I head about the lawlessness the other day was, can’t we send units from other states? I thought I would never say this, but I am a bit disappointed in the President’s timely response to all this. I am as big a Bush supporter as any other decent American, and I will continue to be, but I can’t help but think he could have headed back from vacation a bit earlier and rallied the troops quicker. It’s happening now, but again, I just wish it would have happened yesterday or the day before. I was glad to hear he’s got his Father and President Clinton set to raise money for relief like they did so successfully for the tsunami situation. And that makes me think of another thing. Where’s all of “Liberal Hollywood”? Why haven’t we heard from all those folks? Why aren’t they working to help out like Tim Mcgraw and a handful of others? Oh I’m sure they’ll show up eventually and bitch about oil and the price of gas. We need to round all those people up, and while we’re at it snag that bitch Cindy Sheehan up too, and make them clean the bad guys out of the city. Okay, I’ll end this rant. If I’ve offended anyone by what I’ve said, well…all I can think to say is “tough titty”. EDIT 5:50pm: I found these pics, and others, on EchoBooming In Birmingham’s blog. Not sure where he got them, so I’ll give the credit to him. Before: After: Wow, can you see the difference? I know the pics are kind of small so you might want to click here and here to see the satellite pictures in a bigger format. They do take a while to load so if you have a slower connection give it time…it’s worth the wait. Y’all have a good day.

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