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Monday, August 29, 2005


Waiting for the storm

Quick update for today. We’re sitting here waiting for the storm. As you all know, Hurricane Katrina slammed onto land a little east of New Orleans this morning and has been working her way northward all day. I’ve pretty much been glued to the television all day watching the destruction happening in some of the South’s most beautiful and historic cities. It’s terrible to see the flooding in Mobile. It’s 3pm and we are just now beginning to get the rain, thunder and winds here where I live. They dismissed school early today, and my daughter is holding her breath in hopes it will be cancelled tomorrow! But she’s a freak about bad weather. Especially tornados and that is what could be happening around here this afternoon and tonight. Thanks to those of you who sent e-mail well wishes for our safety. I’m sure all will be well. Unfortunately those folks on the coast will be cleaning up for days and weeks to come. We had a pretty laid back weekend around here at Casa de Chuckster. My parent’s and sister stopped by here Saturday afternoon on their way home from Panama City Beach and stayed the night with us. My Dad helped me install ceiling fans in the kids rooms, then we gathered in the livingroom to watch the redneck spectacle that is Nascar. My sister is a fan, why I don’t know. Speaking of rednecks, I just heard on the news that there has been tornados spotted in Talladega. I sure hope the speedway doesn’t get damaged. What a tragedy that would be!! LOL Yesterday my folks headed home after breakfast, and later we did us some shopping. Once we were back home we just laid on our asses watching television. Certainly not much excitement. I did receive a strange call from my ex-Mother-In-Law. She was worried about FA, and her being by herself in a hurricane. She began to cry and asked if I would be willing to take her in if the storm hit. I assured her that it wouldn’t be that bad and that FA would be fine by herself. Plus, if the worse happened, and her apartment complex was to flood, I’m sure she’d float on those fake DD’s she’s got now! Okay, that’s about all I have for now. I hope you all are having a craptastic Monday! Oh, I almost forgot. I found this somewhere on the Internet, and thought it would be an appropriate sign to post outside my bedroom door. You reckon Susan would allow it?

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