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Thursday, August 25, 2005


A Royal HNT....

First of all, I must give a BIG ASS shout out to all my Chuckster Picture Peeps and thank you all again for taking the time to send a picture or pictures. It was quite an impressive collection of love, and I appreciate you all. If you happen to be coming here for the first time and know not what it is I speak of, scroll down to the last post, or click here. These folks put a lot into this, and they deserve you taking a look…and checking out their blogs, and commenting. Okay, now on to Half-Nekkid Thursday!….This shall be a multiple pic post. Osbo, I hope that will be acceptable… What blog reading chick, as well as a few others, wouldn’t like to see a man’s “sword”? Especially one as long and hard as this one? Well, now that you’ve seen it I must take it upon myself to grant Knighthood to the newest Knight in the kingdom of The Chuckster! I give you Sir Trooper And if you’re a rebellious Knight, you get the sword to the neck! Damn, the flash sure does make the hair on my arms look so much more intense than it really is! But hey, I am half nekkid…I wasn’t wearing a shirt! Well, there you go….I certainly hope you liked this dramatic and moving HNT post. Just so you know, no animals were hurt in the posting of these pictures! HAPPY HNT Everybody

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