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Friday, July 15, 2005


My Anniversary.......??

T.G.I.F. to all my homeys out there! I am looking forward to the weekend. Okay, I’m about to share something with you here that is going to be pretty damned pathetic. It’s pretty sad actually. I sat down to pound out this post because I wanted to tell you all that Susan and I have our two year anniversary this Sunday. For weeks now she and I have been planning what we would do, where we would eat, what kind of freaky sex we would have, all because our anniversary is on July 17th. I wanted to relate a story for you here about how quickly the wedding was planned, (she called me on the Monday before the Saturday we married and suggested we do it), and that was when it hit me. I pulled out my 2003 day planner so I could get the exact date of the Monday in question and as I looked at the dates of that particular week I learned that the Saturday in July that we got married was not the seventeenth, but the nineteenth! We were married on Saturday, July freaking NINETEENTH, and all along we have BOTH been thinking it was on the seventeenth. How screwed up is that? I’ve been on the phone with a good friend today telling her about our anniversary plans, and then (just fifteen minutes ago) Susan called and we talked even more about what we were going to do this Sunday….and all along we have had the date wrong. My God, it’s only been two years. You’d think you could remember the date in that short of time. Does this mean something sinister? Does this not bode well for the future of our marriage? Actually FA and my anniversary was on August 17th, maybe that is why I got it screwed up…but that still doesn’t explain why Susan would get it wrong. Geeze, how stupid can we be? My buddy ESSF again showed me how to post pictures directly on my blog. I used to have no trouble with this back when I was using Blogger. Unfortunately Hello doesn’t work with Wordpress, so my picture posting has been reserved to my photo galleries exclusively. Not anymore! Now I have to figure out what it is I want to post a pic of….It’s not Thursday anymore so I can’t participate in “Half-Nekkid Thursday” so what else could I do? I know, it’s been a while since I have posted any of Trooper. He has grown and gotten a lot hairier since I originally posted any in the Trooper Album. So, here you go….a few of Trooper. Enjoy… Okay, so I guess my anniversary isn’t this weekend. You reckon I can still get the hot sex? Lord I hope so. Have a great weekend!!

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