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Friday, July 01, 2005


Happy early 4th of July...

YO, T.G.I.F. BABY!!! I am afraid I will have to wish you all a happy Fourth of July a little early, except you Ed….I’ll just have to wish you a nice weekend. Since you aren’t blessed to be an American. Just kidding buddy. How about those Colonials kicking some British ass? ;-) Well sure, we did get some help from the French. Of course that was back when France wasn’t a nation of pussies…anyway….I am wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend because I shan’t be around. By 5:30 this afternoon Susan and I will be on our way towards a family reunion of sorts in Virginia. She will get to meet more of my family that she hasn’t had the opportunity to meet before. How exciting is that? Yeah, I am sure she is shaking with anticipation. My Dad had the opportunity to buy his childhood home in the small Virginia town he, and I, were born in. They had the old house gutted and totally remodeled. Supposedly it is pretty nice. Mom and Dad have been traveling from their home in Tennessee to the Southwestern corner of Virginia every weekend to get things all set up and ready at the house. A bunch of family will also be converging on the “old home place” and it should be a grand old time. Unfortunately both Susan and I have to be back at work on Tuesday, so it will be a pretty quick trip. My sore back is really looking forward to all the driving that will be involved. Right now I am hopped up on two of Susan’s “Vitamin V’s”, so I am feeling ever so nice. :-) I worked my ass off yesterday, and will be continuing to do so today. Being the blog whore that I was (notice I said was) I wasn’t focusing on work like I should have. Not that I wasn’t able, it’s just that I couldn’t turn my attention from the happenings on the Blogosphere. Well dudes, those days have changed. I was proud of myself yesterday. I maybe spent a total of twenty minutes total all day doing personal stuff on the Internet. The rest of the time I was in the trenches being Mr. Corporate. Of course, this isn’t news to you. I think I hit on this well enough yesterday. Well, I sure hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend. Go hang with family and friends. Grill out something nice and juicy and drink a case or two of beer. Put on your best red, white and blue and celebrate the 229th year since we declared our Independence. I’ll be back with you all on Monday evening. Take care.

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